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A ginormous Frosty at an historic home February 21, 2014

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Snowman, really up close

FORGET CREATING a mini-sized version of Frosty the Snowman.

Snowman, looking up at

This oversized snowman stands in the Hoisington family’s yard at 18 Third Avenue Northwest in Faribault. My friend John directed me to the snow art last Sunday.

Snowman, from front of house

As impressed as I was by the snowman, I was even more impressed with the house. I love everything about this historic home’s exterior from the front brick pillars topped by lion statues to the sturdy entry columns to the graceful curves to the signature windows. I can only imagine the beautiful interior.

This reminds me of the stately home along Lake Harriet in south Minneapolis.

John, when trying to direct me to the location, referenced the house as Dr. Mc I-can’t-recall-his-name’s home, which meant nothing to me, not being a native of Faribault. I find that historical reference typical of my community. My husband and I, after all, live in “the Swanson house,” even though we’ve owned our home for 30 years.

FYI: This was photographed prior to our two-day thaw of 40 degrees and prior to our Thursday/Friday blizzard.

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16 Responses to “A ginormous Frosty at an historic home”

  1. You are right. This house is great and the snowman is a perfect addition to the yard!

  2. Sweet Posy Dreams Says:

    I love the eyelashes. What a flourish!

  3. Gorgeous Home and Cool Frosty – thanks for sharing:)

  4. Thread crazy Says:

    Love the house – beautiful…and the snowman…sooo cute!

  5. Jackie Says:

    Now that’s a snowman, he looks splendid sitting next to that beautiful home. I really really want that house :/ , but then I’d have to have a maid…never mind

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