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Even the Amish need to scrape windshields December 4, 2014

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I always watch for Amish farms in the Coloma, Wisconsin, area.

I always watch for Amish farms in the Coloma, Wisconsin, area.

I’D NEVER CONSIDERED THIS, how the Amish travel comfortably in cold weather months. But then I don’t live in Amish country, only pass through it on the several times a year trips from southeastern Minnesota to eastern Wisconsin.


Amish buggy 1


On Thanksgiving morning I spotted an Amish buggy along Wisconsin State Highway 21 just outside of Coloma. I didn’t expect this on such an unseasonably cold and winter-like day. I wondered how this mode of transportation can possibly keep its occupants warm. Perhaps a heater, as suggested by a Google search, provides the necessary warmth.


Amish buggy 2


I couldn’t see the riders for the glass. A disappointment. But then again, who would ride in an open buggy in such cold temps? Not me. And not these Amish either.

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18 Responses to “Even the Amish need to scrape windshields”

  1. Dan Traun Says:

    Not having defrost would be challenging 🙂

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    When I was in Ohio I went to Aldi’s with my sister and there were a bunch of buggies hitched up outside the store and they even had a spot for the horses to graze. How awesome is that? Not an unusual sight around there but it made me smile and yes—they are out in all kinds of weather because that is their transportation. Hardy folks.

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    An interesting observation. But hey, our ancestors lived like that and people call it “The Good Old Days”.

  4. Thread crazy Says:

    My Dad grew up in Amish country, eastern Ohio, and when visiting our grandparents, the Amish were very much a part of the area. As kids I can remember asking Dad some of those same questions, about staying warm, and he always said they used lots of blankets and quilts. That’s about all I remember but makes sense. They are indeed some healthy and hard working folks.

  5. treadlemusic Says:

    There are so many Amish near us and their buggies are frequently traveling along the roads I’m on. Winter must be brutal (my word cuz being cold is not something I do well!!).

  6. Jackie Says:

    Now that’s a fancy buggy 🙂 I love coming across the Amish in their buggies, I’d love to spend a day in their lives 🙂

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