Minnesota Prairie Roots

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Too cold even for Minnesotans January 28, 2019

Bring out the warm weather gear. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2018.


YOU KNOW IT’S COLD in Minnesota when…

  • daily low temps are breaking records, such as minus 46 degrees Fahrenheit in International Falls on Sunday morning.
  • Kabetogama in the far northeastern part of Minnesota records a low of 49 degrees below zero on Sunday morning.
  • customers pack grocery stores in a rush to beat the cold and snow.
  • vehicle tires crunch on surfaces.
  • frost paints windows.
  • cold seeps through the house.
  • extra blankets are needed atop beds.
  • warming up the vehicle is a necessity, not an option.
  • skin exposed to the elements can freeze in a matter of minutes.
  • dressing up means layering up.
  • flannel rules.
  • schools start late or close.
  • a mug of coffee doubles as a hand-warmer.
  • no one (or at least me) wants to go outdoors.

The National Weather Service is forecasting an Arctic air mass moving into Minnesota and other areas on Tuesday with dangerous windchills. We’re talking windchills of minus 45 degrees or colder in some parts of the state. For days.

Is Spring here yet?

FEEL FREE TO ADD your own you know it’s cold in Minnesota when…

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14 Responses to “Too cold even for Minnesotans”

  1. Brrrrrrrr. You know it is cold in Minnesota when your boogers freeze in your nose before you even walk outside. Sorry. Had to bring some levity into the day. 🙂 Stay warm.

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    Maybe Scooter will get to spend a night in the house.

    I’ve been watching for any sign of stress from Scooter and the cats who live in the shed, so far nothing. They have all the straw, food and water they want and show no sign of slowing down.

  3. Jackie Says:

    …when Jackie is thrilled 🙂

  4. Gunny Says:

    motorcycle exhaust pipes are foot warmers if one HAS to go outdoors and go somewhere. Actually, driving a motorcycle in cold snowy weather is near suicidal.

    At 40- degrees, it is too cold to snow!

  5. Hope springs eternal? Yep, we are getting ready for cold temps on Wednesday…and then, we go to Florida on Saturday! Stay cozy!

  6. Don Says:

    Look on the bright side Audrey, when the temperatures once again get above the zero mark it will be like a heat wave! Here when that happens people venture out with no coat and short pants although that’s a bit crazy in my opinion………………… I feel your pain tho………

  7. Valerie Says:

    How about your tongue sticks to the flag pole???

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