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Creative uses for a hair dryer during a Minnesota winter February 22, 2019

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LIKE MANY OF YOU (women), I style and dry my hair with a hair dryer.

But I’ve found other valuable uses for this tool, especially during a Minnesota winter. Several weeks ago when freezing rain iced the front storm door shut, I pulled out the hair dryer and blasted hot air along the bottom of the door. Minutes later I could open that door. I’ve done the same to thaw an iced-over mailbox.

I remember years ago de-icing the eldest daughter’s car windshield and driver’s side door with my hair dryer.

When I washed a stocking cap last week that needed air drying, I hastened that natural process by, you guessed it, turning on the blow dryer.

But probably the best winter use of a hair dryer came to me during a particularly brutal cold snap here in southern Minnesota. Randy, who has been working way too much clearing snow, took a break to warm his hands. As he stood in the kitchen rubbing warmth into his numb hands, I had an aha moment.

“I’ll get the hair dryer,” I said, returning to blow warm (not hot) air onto his hands. Then he removed his gloves and I blasted hot air inside. Now he had nice and toasty warm gloves to wear into that frigid cold. He really needs choppers.

So there you go. Think a hair dryer is just for styling and drying hair? Nope, not during a Minnesota winter.

TELL ME: Have you ever used a blow dryer for anything other than its intended purpose?

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24 Responses to “Creative uses for a hair dryer during a Minnesota winter”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Very ingenious. My best use — drying my shirt after I have to spot wash it after I have put it on and gotten deodorant all over it. 🙂

  2. Valerie Says:

    Great ideas Audrey. I have used it to dry spots I’ve cleaned off clothing that I’m wearing at the time.

  3. They are great for the shrink wrapping of electrical wires.

  4. Littlesundog Says:

    I have had to use a blow dryer numerous times to quickly dry a spot after doing stain removal from Forrest’s work shirts – he’s famous for spilling or splattering something on work shirts during breakfast or lunch! Spot cleaning and a quick blast with the blow dryer has him heading to work in no time flat. After his morning shower, Forrest dries the foggy mirror with the blow dryer before styling his hair. Hmm, it appears Forrest gets way more use of the blow dryer than I do!! ha ha!

  5. Blow dryers are great tools. I use it to dust lamp shades. I have used it to put plastic on the windows when I lived in the frozen tundra. I have been using it lately to keep an ear dry (warm air and away from the ear of course). I agree that it has many uses and some still to be discovered. Happy Weekend – Enjoy – Be Safe and Stay Warm 🙂

  6. HaaaHaa.
    Funny you should ask…I warmed up the sheets before Mr. L. got into bed!!! xx

  7. Way back when I used to use mine to help me defrost the freezer. I still use one if I need to remove a label that has sticky glue on it. Add a little heat and that label comes right off! I think we women are more versatile when it comes to things like this. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

  8. Erin Says:

    During the last Polar Vortex, my husband grabbed my hair dryer and a LONG extension cord to thaw out a Ritchie waterer. (for cattle)
    I teased him that we should send a photo to Vidal Sassoon! -erin

    • Erin, it’s not too late. Send a photo to Vidal Sassoon. The way this winter is going, your husband will surely need to use it again to thaw the cattle waterer. Do you think it would work on ice dams? Randy is on the roof right now, for the second evening in a row, shoveling off snow. Yes, we have an issue with ice dams.

      Thanks for sharing this humorous, but practical, use of a hair dryer.

  9. Brenda Says:

    I am also a blow dryer chest freezer defroster! It quickens the whole process and gets the food back inside faster, and the whole job takes way less time!! I also use a plastic burger flipper to scrape the sides once it has thawed a little. What we really need is a HUGE blow dryer to MELT THIS SNOW!! 😝

  10. sheketechad Says:

    Last winter I used mine to defrost the ice blocking the exit pipe for my well pump via long extension cord out to the pump house. This year I had the well house insulated in the fall, lol! Our winter has been far more mild, but very, very wet 🙄

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