Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

From Faribault: The golden hour of evening photography in spring » Spring in Faribault, #24 bird on branch

A nearly camouflaged bird along the banks of the Cannon River, North Alexander Park.

Spring in Faribault, #10 Two Rivers park river
Spring in Faribault, #16 reflection of trees in Cannon River

2 Responses to “Spring in Faribault, #24 bird on branch”

  1. pkpm519 Says:

    These pics bring back many happy memories of Faribault. I grew up on a farm a mile south of Dundas…and Dundas, Northfield and Faribault were my main “stomping grounds.” Remember one year, I took pics of the high water by the Woolen Mill dam and the next week took pics of about 14″ of snow in the same place. (Of course that was a long time ago and perhaps my memory has stretch things a bit…but it is pretty firm there!)

    • Thanks for sharing your memories of the area. I was walking the rec trail in North Alexander Park just this evening and met a young man from the metro who’d given an Uber ride to a passenger dropped off at Shattuck. He decided to look around town a bit, landing at 10,000 Drops Distillery and then the rec trail. He commented on how beautiful and peaceful our community. It was refreshing to hear the positive opinion of a visitor. I told him more about Faribault and invited him to return.

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