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Minnesota or North Dakota? November 1, 2019

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TRAVELING ALONG INTERSTATE 90 in southeastern Minnesota about 10 miles from La Crosse, Wisconsin, I noticed this sign. And I laughed. I was nowhere near North Dakota. Yet this road sign appeared to indicate otherwise, seemingly directing motorists to North Dakota.

Dakota is a town of some 325 in Winona County, Minnesota just off I-90.

Signs can be simultaneously informative and confusing. I love when I spot such signage to break the monotony of a long road trip.

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20 Responses to “Minnesota or North Dakota?”

  1. Claudette Says:

    This type of thing makes my head hurt. 🙂

  2. Kevin Kreger Says:

    Traveling the Interstate, yet quick enough to snap a photo of a sign – I’m impressed!

  3. Larry Says:

    Check out the sign at Glen’s Towing. It offers a pumpkin spice oil change (for a limited time).

  4. valeriebollinger Says:

    Hope it all goes well in Madison…and it doesn’t snow.

  5. I love unique town names! There are Many in Texas. I need to do a post about them! 🙂

  6. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    I had to really think about this one….crazy sign! And who knew there was a Dakota MN???

  7. That’s a good one. I love finding things like that. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gunny Says:

    Love it! This is why knowing the “lay of the land” helps someone to really figure out what (some) signs are actually telling you. I did exactly that up at Northfield, drove down to Warsaw Township, – then to Holden Township, South to Kenyon and then North before going Northwest to Dennison and returning to Northfield. On I-35, I am quite at home though it has a differing landscape and towns identified than does Texas. It is 68 degrees and the Sun is shining. No a snowflake as far as the eye can see which isn’t very far in this area. Any warmer, and I would have to take off my flannel shirt. any cooler and I would need a lite jacket. It is one of those rare “California Days” here. Ya’ll have fun.
    I just know you were all thinking of me when it was 104 in the shade!

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