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From southern Minnesota: Hardy Harley biker November 30, 2020

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WITH TEMPERATURES IN THE LOW 50s here in southern Minnesota on Saturday, the unseasonably warm weather presented another opportunity for some bikers to hit the road before winter settles in for good.

This die-hard Harley rider passed us while we traveled northbound along Interstate 35 in Owatonna early Saturday afternoon.

The biker lowered his left hand here, presumably to warm his hand.

He looked cold to me with his head hunched into his leather-clad shoulders while gripping the handlebars of his windshield-less bike. With his gloved hands in that high position, no blood flowed warmth to his fingers.

Exiting Interstate 35 in Owatonna.

Randy guessed the windchill on that bike to be in the mid-20s based on the air temp and highway speed of 70 mph. Brrr. Now that’s cold, even for a hardy Minnesota Harley rider.

© Copyright 2020 Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Note: I took these photos while a passenger in our vehicle.


10 Responses to “From southern Minnesota: Hardy Harley biker”

  1. BERNADETTE Thomasy Says:

    Loved seeing the exits for Owatonna. I wish I was exiting right behind that Harley rider but I would want to be in a nice, warm car. I did not get to Minnesota for my annual visit this year. The pandemic has changed so many plans. Staying put is the safest choice, especially now.

  2. valeriebollinger Says:

    It was great to have another November day feel so warm outside. We enjoyed being out walking in it. But I agree, it must have been cold on a motorcycle.

  3. That looks so uncomfortable, from the cold to the arms way up high on the handlebars.

  4. My son was asking me today when the winter solstice is. He, and me, are looking forward to longer, warmer days, and winter has not even settled in!

  5. Gunny Says:

    Meet a “biker” who braved torrential rains, snow,, glaze ice on a motorcycle in December!
    My bike was a Honda. No big roaring engine there as it was a driveshaft driven 500 that sounded more like a Prius. I did have a fairing but the hand positions were still in the wind, rain, snow and ice. Best I could do for my hand was to dry the leather gloves out, then pull on those yellow rubber dish washing gloves over the leather ones and finally got some relief! Next stop was a shoe store for some of those felt line snow boots and some thermal socks.

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