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Driving around Rice County lakes July 30, 2009

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Kelly Lake on a July afternoon

Kelly Lake on a July afternoon

Fishing for sunfish on Kelly Lake

Fishing for sunfish on Kelly Lake

Dog days of summer, Kelly Lake

Dog days of summer, French Lake

Sometimes a Sunday afternoon drive can be good for the soul.

I’m not talking destination driving here—traveling to Grandma’s house or rushing to another sporting event or speeding down the freeway en route to a specific place.

I am talking a slow, leisurely drive along back roads, through the country-side, turning when you feel like it, stopping when you spot something interesting, simply appreciating that which lies before you.

Roll down the windows. Turn off the cell phone. Leave the radio turned off.

Look and truly see. Listen and truly hear. Breathe in the air. Take it all in.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, my husband and I did just that, driving past Roberds, Mazaska, French, Kelly-Dudley, Shields, Mud, Hunt, Cedar, Wells and Cannon lakes, clustered in Rice County.

Although I’ve lived in the area for 27 years, I had never traveled many of these country roads. Or if I had, my pace had been hurried.

So on this recent Sunday afternoon, we slowed for the turtle crossing the road, paused to see the beauty of flowers flourishing in road ditches, stopped to talk with the family angling for sunfish, appreciated the clouds reflecting upon the still lake, admired the blooming water lilies worthy of a Monet painting, noticed the rows of alfalfa ringing the hillside.

All of this we saw, because we chose to slow down, on a Sunday afternoon in July.

Daisies and clover near Roberds Lake.

Daisies and clover near Roberds Lake.

Crossing the road, near Roberds Lake.

Crossing the road, near Roberds Lake.

(Watch for more Sunday afternoon drive photos in an upcoming blog.)

2 Responses to “Driving around Rice County lakes”

  1. After the big rain last night, my wife and I enjoyed a stroll through the woods and the wildfowers this morning. The experience reminded me (really) to check out your blog! I’m glad I did. It brought back the memories of the meat and potatoes and vegetbles from the garden heaped with butter. Mom didn’t always take the time to make gravey, unless we had company. Also, I grew up liking the ocassional burnt brownies and burnt fried potatoes. Count me as one of your fans. It’s said a pictue’s worth a thousand words, but your words conjure thousands of images for me.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Gordon– Thank you, Gordon, for your appreciative words. My rural roots run deep and are very much a part of my writing. So many memories…. Readers, be sure to check out Gordon’s website and his delightful “farm” books.

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