Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Minnesota Prairie Roots update July 31, 2009

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My office, where I create and write.

My office, where I create and write.

Thanks to you, my readers, views of Minnesota Prairie Roots blogs have reached nearly 600 in two weeks.

That’s small potatoes in the blogging realm, but to me personally, it’s a good feeling to know that others appreciate my writing and photography.

Honestly, there is nothing I would rather do than write.

And although I’ve always done photography as a part of my writing (editors like writers who can also shoot photos), I’ve gotten into the art a lot more since acquiring a digital camera. With no film or costs to worry about, I shoot endlessly, from journalistic and artistic perspectives.

But back to blogging. I’ve grown to love this writing style more than any other as I blog from the viewpoint of a journalist, with a personal touch.

Blogging has taught me to truly “see” everything by fully engaging my senses. I observe the sights, the sounds, the smells, sometimes even the taste and touch, of my world. And then, I infuse that into my writing.

From a purely mechanical angle, my writing has improved as I strive to find the right words—the strongest verbs, a creative phrase, a concise sentence, a zinger ending—to share my stories. When I’ve nailed it, I know it, and this gives me great pleasure.

Blog ideas fill my head. They are everywhere, as close as my backyard or half way across the state. I lug my camera most places, except to the grocery store (and sometimes I wish I had taken it there), medical appointments and church. I’ve missed some great photo opportunities when I’ve left my camera at home. So now I just grab it on my way out the door.

A notebook and pen are always as close as my purse, jeans pocket or camera bag. Sometimes I even get up at night to jot down an idea or a phrase that has popped into my brain when I can’t sleep.

I love this craft called writing.

Thank you, my readers, for embracing Minnesota Prairie Roots. Submit your thoughts and comments. I value your voice. And please tell others about my blog.

I promise to continue writing with a passion, sharing stories and photos that entertain and inform, and that give you a renewed appreciation for the world around you.


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