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“Just because” Friday flowers December 5, 2009

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An alstroemeria bouquet from my husband.

OCCASIONALLY MY HUSBAND, Randy, gives me flowers, just because.

He needs no reason, of which I’m aware, to purchase a clutch of flowers from the grocery store. I find that incredibly thoughtful and, well, just plain wonderful.

There’s nothing fancy about these bouquets, which I must cut and arrange in a vase. But that matters not. I delight in this unexpected gift.

Last night, as Randy carried in bags of water softener salt from the grocery store, he also carried in a triple-wrapped plastic bag of lovely, mauve alstroemeria.

As I snipped the stems, I considered how blessed I am to have this man as my husband, this man who, after a long, hard week of work, still thinks to bring home flowers on a Friday night. Just because.

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