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Our bargain Christmas tree December 18, 2009

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Our $50 Frazier fir Christmas tree purchased for $27 awaits decorating a week before Christmas.

‘Tis the week before Christmas and we finally have a tree,

The one we bought Thursday night for a really low fee.

I thought it quite fresh when we pulled it inside,

But the carpet is already littered with needles that are dried.

The branches are thawing and bending low,

No longer like rigid soldiers all lined in a row.

It’s a beautiful tree, this Frazier fir that we got,

Unlike the budget pine tree that we have typically bought

But when you wait until the last minute like we did this year,

You’ll get a bargain price that brings lots of good cheer.

© Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


Minnesota Prairie Roots’ flowers go to those with giving hearts

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I photographed these bleeding hearts in my garden this past spring.

MINNESOTA PRAIRIE ROOTS continues to focus on the spirit of Christmas in handing out this week’s virtual Friday flowers.

Everywhere you turn, opportunities abound to give to others during this holiday season. And I hope you are doing just that, whether through a food shelf or blood donation, a secret angel gift, a card sent, a smile given. Your selfless giving from the heart will affect others in ways you will never know.

Take the stranger who gave a Christmas card and money to a couple shopping for groceries at Faribault’s Walmart on Sunday. The man disappeared before Tom Dominick and his wife could thank him, so Tom wrote a letter to the editor of the Faribault Daily News expressing his gratitude.

“You sir (a total stranger), could not have known the issues of hard times we’ve endured, nor can you know how much you touched us and restored our faith in mankind,” Tom said in part.

You see, Tom and his wife are raising their grandchildren and it isn’t always easy.

The stranger included this inspiring message: “Christmas began in the heart of God, it is complete only when it reaches the heart of man.”

The Dominicks experienced the blessings of that message. “Well, you did reach our hearts, in fact I got a WARM feeling at that moment and laid in bed for hours thinking of what you did,” Tom wrote.

That is the spirit of Christmas.

So these December 18 virtual Friday flowers go to the stranger who reached out to the Dominick family. These flowers also go to all of you out there who are making this Christmas better for others. God bless you.

Photo © Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling