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A beauty queen moment April 9, 2011

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Six yellow roses and babies breath comprised the bouquet my husband gave to me.

HE STRODE ACROSS the living room with a bouquet of cellophane-wrapped buttercup yellow roses.

The flowers were unexpected, as flowers often are from him.

I stretched my hands to accept the roses, to pull him close, kiss him and tell him how very much this surprise meant to me, how I appreciated the sweetness of it all.

He intuitively seems to understand when I need a day-brightener, a gesture of love and care and concern. And I did, need the roses, to cheer me.

It’s been a difficult past month facing a sudden sensory hearing loss that has left me with near deafness in my right ear. He has been there to support me, to listen, to embrace me in the moments when I feel overwhelmed.

I love this about my husband. In his own quiet way, he understands.

I love that he is teaching our son the art of giving—from the heart—not for an occasion or a have-to or a celebration. Our son will understand that flowers should be all about love.

All of this I thought as I arose from the recliner where I had been reading, slanted the wrapped bouquet across my arms and spontaneously sashayed across the living room, hips swaying, right arm waving in a beauty queen wave.

At that moment I felt as if I had won the crown. And I had.

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