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One final visit to Stockholm. Wisconsin. Not Sweden. November 8, 2011

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Shops, eateries and more line the streets of Stockholm, a quaint village along Lake Pepin. This photo was taken in early October. To the left you'll see blue bikes, available for visitors to use at no cost.

TO WHOM THIS MAY CONCERN in Stockholm (Wisconsin. Not Sweden):

If only I had known about the bribe.

I would have accepted your offer, the one I found listed under “Stockholm News & Media” on your website:

Are you a writer, blogger, reviewer, photographer with a web site? Let us bribe you (how about a fresh cup of expresso from Stockholm General, a piece of pie from the Stockholm Pie Company, lunch at Bogus Creek Café, a beer at Gelly’s, a ticket to an event at the Widespot?) in exchange for your coverage!

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And, yes.

While I’ve never drank an expresso, I’m certainly open to trying one. I like pie. A lot. I do lunch. Yes, I’ll toast your town with an icy mug of beer. And, yes, I always enjoy being entertained.

I was too full from lunch across the river in Wabasha to try the Stockholm Pie Company's pie, made completely from scratch. Not that I wasn't tempted to try a slice of caramel apple crunch or key lime or peanut butter fudge. I even stepped inside this tiny shop to smell the baking pies. Next time I'll save room for dessert.

However, dear people of Stockholm (Wisconsin. Not Sweden.) and dear readers of Minnesota Prairie Roots, my writing has not been influenced, not one teeny bit, by offers of free anything. My three previous, glowing posts from Stockholm were written from the heart. Simply put, I fell head-over-heels for this quaint Lake Pepin-side village of 89 without any undue influence.

Today I’ll take you on one last visit to this destination town just across the Mississippi River from Minnesota. Enjoy. And if you’ve been to Stockholm, Wisconsin, not Sweden, I’d like to hear what you most appreciate/relish/savor about this riverside get-away.

And if you own a business or live in Stockholm, submit a comment and tell readers why you love your village and why they should visit.

P.S. I’ll be back for the pie and the lunch and the…

One of the many shops lining the streets of Stockholm.

One of my favorite finds, a lizzard crafted from old silverware and more and lounging outside a shop. No, I didn't purchase this critter, but I certainly admired the creativity.

I notice details, especially signs, windows and doors, including this door on the Stockholm Museum.

The Stockholm Museum, home to the Stockholm Institute which preserves and celebrates the history of the Stockholm area, is housed in a former post office.

On the museum exterior, I discovered this handcrafted tribute to WW II vets.

The lovely Abode gallery, where my artist friend Arlene Rolf of Faribault has artwork displayed.

Another business door and signage that caught my eye. It's all about the details, my friends, all about the details.

A residence, I assume, since the steps were marked with a "private" sign. So inviting and lovely, just like all of Stockholm.

To read my previous posts from Stockholm, click on each story link below:

Russell, the Bookseller of Stockholm

A bit of Sweden in Wisconsin

A garage sale in Stockholm, Wisconsin

© Copyright 2011 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


8 Responses to “One final visit to Stockholm. Wisconsin. Not Sweden.”

  1. Alan Nugent Says:

    The Village is as charmed with your kind words and lovely photographs as you are of the Village… thank you! Let us know next time you’re in the Village – we’ll follow thru on a few of those bribes!

    Alan, Stockholmwisconsin.com

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Thank you kindly, Alan. I shall return to Stockholm. Yes, indeed. Now, to figure out which type of pie I should try…

  2. Kristin Says:

    Mmmmmm…. Pie. Stockholm sounds great!

  3. dakotagirl Says:

    We rode through Stockholm this fall during the Annual Fall Flood Run. (Floodrun.org) We didn’t even stop, but are going to next year because of you…..and possibly the pie shop.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Well, dakotagirl, I’m so glad I enticed you to stop in Stockholm. Please tell them I sent you.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    The people in these little villages and towns work so hard to get you to just stop. Once you stop and take time to see, you are rewarded. I so appreciate your photojournalism of Stockholm.
    Another similar city is Trempealeau WI. It is south of Winona. Home of the Trempealeau Hotel and the world famous Walnut Burger
    I love those river hamlets

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Thank you, Jim. I really enjoy finding towns like Stockholm, with so much character and charm to showcase in images.

      I’ve been to Trempealeau, Wisconsin, also, but apparently never got around to posting about this little river town. Because the teenaged son was with that time (and he’ll only tolerate so much of mom’s photographing and exploring), I didn’t really see the village like I wished. Another time.

      And, yes, these folks do work hard to draw visitors. Kudos to them.

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