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What’s the story behind this license plate? January 13, 2014

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Cat nap license plate

THE THING ABOUT PERSONALIZED license plates is this: I always wonder about the story behind the choice.

Is the owner of this Lincoln MKX, recently photographed along Minnesota State Highway 3 in Northfield, a cat owner? Or simply a lover of cat naps? Or?

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29 Responses to “What’s the story behind this license plate?”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Great license plate!!! I used to have a vanity one in NC with TEALVER on it. People thought I liked the color teal. 🙂

  2. These do leave you wondering what the story is that is for sure. Commuting two hours a day affords me many opportunities to spot these personalized plates and ponder the specifics behind them. Just this a.m. on my way to work I spotted PIZZAS.

  3. Let’s hope the owner doesn’t take a cat nap behind the wheel! My kitties can nap all day. :>)

  4. Or A Cat Napper – ha! – could not resist! I love the plates with a combo of numbers and letters that is suppose to spell something out and just has me stumped. Happy Monday:)

  5. I agree about the hope that the plate isn’t also the driver’s state of mind at the time! One of my friends had a plate for a long time that said RNFNLY. She’s a nurse. She got the plate after her graduation.

  6. Miranda Says:

    My neighbor and I had a good laugh once when we saw a vanity plate that said “CARIES”. I assume a woman named Carie owned it. What she probably doesn’t know, though, is that CARIES means CAVITIES (the ones on your teeth) in Spanish.

  7. Ted Aaberg Says:

    I’d say the owner likes to take cat naps. Maybe (just a guess) an upwardly mobile burnout, who has discovered afternoon naps are underrated. My Chinese friend says in high school he had 2 hour nap breaks, and his father in Guangzhou working at Siemans, has a 2 hour lunch/nap break at noon. Today I curled up in front of a sunny window in my Somerville, MA home, like I have seen cats do, and it was wonderful…just the ticket on a winter day. Ted Aaberg

    • Thanks for your thoughtful insight, Ted. I nap occasionally, but only when exhausted. Now my husband, he can fall asleep anytime.

      I am wondering if you are the Ted Aaberg I remember from BLC. You can reply via email, which you will find on my “About” page, or respond here. I’m curious.

  8. treadlemusic Says:

    “Vanity” plates certainly are thought provoking in some cases!!!! Some great suggestions thus far!!!!!!

  9. ryanware Says:

    I once saw GR8NBED on an old Camaro Rally Sport. It was hilarious.

  10. Jackie Says:

    Well it’s certainly something to ponder, I’d bet this person is a cat lover… or not, I dont know???

  11. I’ve never sprung for a personalized plate but I’ve wanted to!

  12. McGuffy Ann Says:

    We always look at license plates, too. I hope this person doesn’t use their vehicle for catnaps!

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