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One way to get around during a Minnesota winter March 4, 2015

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DO YOUNG PEOPLE still rollerblade? Or skateboard?

It had been a long time since I’d spotted anyone rollerblading or skateboarding. Not that this would be a likely mode of transportation in Minnesota from November through April, except for this young man spotted within two blocks of my home late Sunday afternoon:

Whew, he turns right instead of proceeding downhill.

Whew, he turns right instead of proceeding downhill.

I was hoping he had enough sense not to careen down the hilly streets.

Skating up hill.

Skating up hill.

He did.

Almost to the top of the hill.

Almost to the top of the hill. Many years ago a parked car careened down the other side of this steep hill and crashed into my neighbor’s house.

Have enough sense.

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17 Responses to “One way to get around during a Minnesota winter”

  1. Dan Traun Says:

    I guess it the streets are clear, why not. Dress appropriately and as you’ve stated, have enough sense. I have not seen a roller-bladder since the warmth left us.

  2. Can’t miss that bright backpack

  3. wow, your roads must be trechorous (sp?) in the cold.. c

  4. Beth Ann Says:

    I guess it was his best mode of transportation for the day!

  5. I cannot image skating on all that grit from the salt and sand – brave person and a visible one too. There is no snow here so the motorcycles and bicycles have been out for months now. Happy Hump Day 🙂

  6. treadlemusic Says:

    I canNOT wait for Spring….and daffodils…..and tulips…..and lawn mowing….. and………………………………………..

  7. Thread crazy Says:

    Love love love to skate; rollerskate or iceskate…never did try rollerblades though. Hmm,,,na, think I’ll pass on them!

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