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Oh, flowers, the reasons I love thee June 6, 2015

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DO YOU HOLD A CERTAIN FLOWER in reverent respect?


My daffodils are in full bloom here in southeastern Minnesota.


Perhaps you appreciate the first daffodils of spring erupting in bursts of yellow through a too-long colorless winter landscape.


Red tulip


Or you delight in the petals of a red tulip unfolding. I remember how my eldest daughter, as a preschooler, surmised that the tulips were opening their mouths. I’ve never thought of tulips in quite the same way since her astute observation. Now I see blood red lips.


Today I choose to see the beauty of white in daisies, one of my favorite flowers.


I’ve always loved daisies. Perhaps it is the seventies flower child in me emerging or my focus on simplicity and non-extravagance. When I married 33 years ago, the humble daisy was an integral part of bouquets.


Virgil and Jane's peonies


Peonies remind me of yesteryear. These massive bushes weighed with lush blossoms of fragrant pinks are the flowers of our grandmas.


Iris, grouping of purple and white 7


And then there are irises, in full bloom now here in southern Minnesota. They remind me of my sweet mom, who loves irises.

Isn’t it this way with so many things in life? We treasure something because of the memories held therein.

IN FARIBAULT, RIGHT NOW, hundreds of irises are blooming along a corner lot at Minnesota Highway 60 and Shumway Avenue. What a wonderful gift to my community from this east-side resident:

Irises stretch the length of the property along a stretch of Minnesota Highway 60.

Irises stretch the length of the property along a section of Minnesota Highway 60.

The iris are in assorted colors and styles.

The irises are in assorted colors and styles.

On the Shumway Avenue side, more irises.

On the Shumway Avenue side, more irises.

Lots of irises like this.

Lots of irises like this mix with other purple flowers.

Beautiful masses of irises.

Beautiful masses of irises.

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