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In Winona, Part VI: Hotel humor January 14, 2016

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Sign in Winona hotel, 392


IS THIS WARNING COMMON in hotels? Because I don’t stay in hotels all that often—maybe once a year—I’m uncertain.

Apparently theft is a problem at this particular Winona hotel, although I cannot imagine why anyone would steal any of the items on the list.

There’s a Target right next door with comparable or lower prices.

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22 Responses to “In Winona, Part VI: Hotel humor”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Speaking as one who has stayed in a few hotels over the years a lot of the “nicer” hotels will offer things for sale as a way to discourage theft. Items like robes and towels especially are usually listed for sale as well as mugs if they have personalized mugs. Some chains even offer the mattresses that they carry for sale as part of a “home decor” line. I think it might be a little difficult to take an ironing board out without attracting attention. Just saying.

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    I’ve seen this type of thing in many hotels. I am not sure how anyone ever thought it appropriate to walk away with items that are not yours.

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    In the bad old days, a Mpls hotel (flophouse) didn’t have locks on the doors. Someone stole them.

  4. I bet Target has blankets and such in better colors and patterns too

  5. Marneymae Says:

    That’s brilliant!
    My family used to run a restaurant in Chicago, & o my, the stories I heard about people taking silver wear & salt shakers, etc.

  6. Littlesundog Says:

    How funny!! I know a couple who boast stealing a giant rooster that stood in front of a restaurant. They have it in their home, taking up a large corner of space in the kitchen. I guess I should not be surprised by the things people do.

  7. Sweet Posy Dreams Says:

    I’ve seen that too. I’ve assumed it was to deter theft.

  8. hotlyspiced Says:

    I used to clean hotel rooms in a five-star hotel in Sydney. I’m telling you, anything that wasn’t glued down was stolen. Guests took bath robes, china vases, china ash trays, bath towels, and coat hangers. I even came across a room where the guest had drunk the gin and vodka from the mini-bar bottles and refilled the bottles with water thinking I wouldn’t know the difference – but I do know my drinks!

  9. Sue Ready Says:

    This left me LOL-I thought replacement prices were way too steep!

  10. Gunny Says:

    LOL! As a person in the procurement profession, I have seen a lot! There is an old movie with Jerry Lewis playing a Navy Junior officer who is being held accountable for a “lost” Navy destroyer. I knew of one group who took engraved glassware for reminders of their trip. As a matter of fact, presidential staffers once went aboard a Navy carrier and took things they had been “issued” for they stay as guests. One “stolen” aircraft caused a search of that base and nearby bases. The missing aircraft was eventually found: outside the gate greeting new arrivals. No, the aircraft was not a static display, it was an operational aircraft that, as a prank, had been moved to a prominent spot outside the main gate! In reading a book, I found the quote, “what is not nailed down is mine! What is nailed down, will be mine – as soon as I can find a hammer.” What these people with “lite fingers” fail to realize is than in some cases, the results are or can be dire. On a lark, a group of “western” soldiers attempted to steal the host county’s flag mounted in a high conspicuous spot. When the guard of this flag was changed, the Commander of the guard noted it, The guard mount went as usual. The guard that was relieved, having lost the flag, were marched off never to be seen again.

    Employees of stores, hotels, motels, often are held accountable for items in their charge. Still, as dire as a story as I have painted, these stories can be very funny!

    Got a bar that lock into your car’s steering wheel? An SUV sitting 8 feet from the security officer’s guard shack had one. 15 minutes later, the SUV was missing. There in the parking spot the SUV had been in, was the locked steering wheel bar! And no one saw or heard a thing!

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