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Valentine’s Day love at Sunday School February 14, 2016

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SS Valentine's Day, 48 stack of valentines


HOW WAS YOUR Valentine’s Day?

Except for the hour I spent photographing Sunday School students and their families, mine would have been just another Sunday. Early to church, followed by bible study. Then brunch at home prepared by my husband.

But because I’ve recently become the go-to person to document happenings at my church, Trinity Lutheran, I pulled photography duty this morning. And I’m fine with that because I enjoy photography. Now if I was asked to give a minute-man speech (which I’ve been asked to do) or count money or serve on a board (which I’ve been asked to do), I wouldn’t do it. My talents and interests don’t lie in those areas.

Ask me to bring my camera, however, and I will likely be there.

In the one hour I covered the Sunday School’s Valentine’s Day event, I shot some 200 photos.  But, because these images are for church use, I can only share a few generic photos with you.


SS Valentine's Day, 16 close-up hands making valentine


I can tell you, though, what I witnessed. And that was kids and parents, and, yes, even some grandparents, celebrating the gift of love. Kids made valentines, stacked candy hearts and unwrapped Hershey’s kisses with mittened hands. But the most memorable moment came when parents applied sticker dots to their children’s faces—each dot representing a quality they love about their children. I heard words like beautiful, smart, kind, my first-born…


SS Valentine's Day, 138 I love God because dots


After those professions of love, the kids stuck the dots to portraits of Jesus with the children, expressing their love for Jesus.


Valentine's Day Trinity SS 039 - Copy


I left feeling like I’d gotten the perfect Valentine’s Day gift—a reminder that I am—we are—loved.

TELL ME, what made your Valentine’s Day special/memorable?

© Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


26 Responses to “Valentine’s Day love at Sunday School”

  1. Jackie Says:

    A perfect day to document LOVE with your camera, I know you are in your element, how fun for you (and lucky for the church). Rick and I spent 3 hours after the church service, setting up the chapel for a “valentines Day” dinner that was to take place at 4pm. We wrapped and tied ribbons around some 100 settings of silverware. I also vacuumed and Rick helped move tables and chairs. We came home for a bit then went to dinner at one of our favorite dives. It was a good day!

  2. Sue Ready Says:

    Mine has been memorable celebrating in a warm climate with pizza and chamapgne. My husband is off crutches and a cane and now walks like the normal person I once knew:) 6 weeks has been a long time for recuperation!

  3. Dan Traun Says:

    A relaxing day with my lovely wife Cyndie followed by a dinner I prepared and a movie.

  4. Beth Ann Says:

    What a fun day you had taking pictures of love in progress. I love the picture of Jesus with all the hearts. Perfect.

  5. I make it a practice to share my love throughout the day with my greatest someone(s) – ((((hugs&loves)))) – love that heart health month and Valentine’s Day are both in February too – it makes me appreciate what I do have in my life 🙂 Happy Day – thanks so much for sharing the love – Enjoy!!!

  6. With all that’s going on in the world and indeed this country it is refreshing to hear and see children being taught and nourished in their Christian faith.

  7. My Valentine’s Day was quiet, but I got my “present” the day before. I returned home after almost two weeks on parent duty down south to a clean house, clean sheets, fluffed feather bed, flowers on the table, and groceries in the kitchen. Pretty special.

    I’m sure the dots on the face activity made sense in real life, but it looks kind of odd to stick pink and red dots all over Jesus’ face! : )

  8. I love seeing children’s hands making Valentines. There is something so sweet about that! I made brunch for my son and his wife and daughter. I also made heart sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day and gave some to my daughter on Saturday since she was unable to join us Sunday morning. Then Mick and I went shopping at REI and got hiking boots for our upcoming travel adventures. We thought shopping for hiking boots was a perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. And that was followed by dinner at the Red Stag in NE Minneapolis. We shared a crême brûlée to finish the evening. It was a great day!

  9. Omgosh,
    I’d love to be in your Sunday School Class, Audrey!!
    Such creativity, passion, love, and to top it all off…

    J E S U S !!!!!! xx

    • This was a special event designed to involve families, so every Sunday is not like this. Another such event is planned right after Easter. The volunteers do a great job of sharing God’s love and teaching these children about Jesus.

  10. The sticker dots remind me of the book You Are Special by Max Lucado. Perhaps that is exactly where the activity idea came from but thank you for reminding me of that story too. I loved reading that book to my kids when they were young and maybe I should dig it out again so that it can be a visual reminder to them as well. Happy (belated) Valentines Day Audrey!

  11. There is a Max Lucado children’s book in which dots are stuck onto people to represent good things…I wonder if that’s the root of this idea – I love that they applied it to real life and even to Jesus!

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