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In Faribault: Prepping & waiting for the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall August 31, 2016

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IN A FEW HOURS, the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall arrives in Faribault.

I am prepping. And so are others.


Vietnam Wall prep, #1 bikers


Around noon, a contingent of bikers, motorists and others swept past my Willow Street home en route to the Steele County Fairgrounds in Owatonna. There the group will gather for a 3 p.m. departure. The entourage will travel through Owatonna, Medford and into Faribault, ending at the wall construction site, the Rice County Fairgrounds.


Vietnam Wall prep, #13 red vehicle


Here at my home, three flags are staked in the boulevard, a sight that prompted the Faribault group to honk horns and wave as they passed by.


Vietnam Wall prep, #24 basket of American flags


A basket of American flags sits inside my front door, awaiting kids I expect here for the processional. I’ve dug out the sidewalk chalk to keep them busy while waiting. Ice cream treats are stashed in the freezer. Water bottles are cooling in the fridge.


Vietnam Wall prep, #25 patriotic t-shirt


I’ve swiped my husband’s American flag t-shirt from his dresser drawer.

Shortly before invited friends, and maybe others, arrive, I’ll spray for mosquitoes.

Today’s processional promises to be a memorable and moving experience, especially for those of us old enough to remember Vietnam. I expect the kids to learn something today about this chapter in America’s history.

Faribault, I hope you will show your honor and respect by lining the processional route and by showcasing your patriotism with American flags.

Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling




10 Responses to “In Faribault: Prepping & waiting for the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall”

  1. Love all the Flags and the Red, White and Blue – Enjoy 🙂 Cannot wait to see more photos.

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I’m just guessing that you’re going to have some good pictures tomorrow. Have a good time

  3. Louise Flom Says:

    I saw you as we drove by on our way to Owatonna. It’s a great turnout. Ready to leave in 15 minutes.

    • Loved the mass entry into Faribault. A dozen of us at my house waiting and watching. The kids chalked American flags onto the sidewalk while we waited. Thanks for being part of this event, Louise. Photos forthcoming…

  4. Don Says:

    Audrey, your patriotism is certainly showing, good for you! Looks like a nice day there and I trust many folks will come.

  5. The kids deserve to know that while the “war” itself was unpopular, to say the least, the greatest DIS-service done during its duration was to those who DID-serve! I myself am a Vietnam-era vet and one did not have to endure the humiliation bestowed upon those brave men and women who sacrificed life and limb in service to their country, in no less a manner, than any other veteran of any other war and deserve all of the honors that they are now so belatedly receiving. Thank you all for your service, your sacrifice and your devotion to your now enlightened nation. God Bless the USA and all who serve and have served her so valiantly.

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