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Memories of all the pretty little horses September 15, 2016

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WHEN MY NEIGHBOR PLACED a pile of baby equipment on the boulevard recently along with an oversized plastic toy horse, memories rushed back of my dear second daughter and her love of all things horses.

As a preschooler, Miranda obsessed over equines, wanting to check out only books about horses from the library. She drew pastel horses with Magic Markers. And she played with toy horses. Endlessly.

Now a plastic tote heaped with her childhood horses rests on a shelf in the basement, in storage. Those equines represent memories, sweet and treasured of a daughter I love beyond words.

I was tempted to dash across Willow Street and pluck that horse from the grass. But I left it there for the young girl who opened the passenger side of her mom’s SUV and scooped the critter into her arms. Perhaps some day her mom will pack that horse away in a plastic container and remember when her little girl loved horses.

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14 Responses to “Memories of all the pretty little horses”

  1. What were you into as a child? I would have scooped up the shopping cart or baby doll crib – loved to pretend and spend hours playing house and going to work at the local grocery store. I still remember my oldest nephew and that blue rubber ball he carried around all the time. The cat, the one dog and Lulu the pig would play ball with him too. Nothing better than childhood memories and letting the inner child out now as an adult. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

    • I liked to play with dolls also, and Tinker Toys. But mostly, I played outside in the grove with my siblings, re-enacting the westerns we saw on TV. Riding bike was also big for me. And in the winter we pretended the piles of snow dad pushed from the yard were mountains. Lots of time outdoors…

    • We played a lot outside growing up to and coming up with explorations and adventures. I am a huge bike rider and got my very own bike at 15 and before that had to do with my brother’s casts off – he was not kind to his bikes – wobbly wheels, chains falling off, handlebars coming off, etc.

      • My grandpa scrounged junkyards for us, finding and fixing bikes and repainting if necessary. I had one I named Sky Blue. I was so happy to have my own (recycled) bike. Ah, the memories… Not until I left for college did I get a brand-new bike–a vivid yellow ten-speed with curved racer handlebars. So uncomfortable, but great for flying down the curving hills of Mankato. I’m surprised I didn’t wipe out. That was in the days before bike helmets.

      • A yellow blur and a dare devil – love it!

      • I even wrote a poem about riding that yellow 10-speed down a hill in Mankato. The poem was published on a sign posted along a recreational trail as part of Mankato’s Poetry Walk & Ride.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Non of mine were horse lovers, but we did have a neighbor girl that was always pretending to be a horse on the hill behind our house. How sweet to know that another little girl will now have a toy horse to play with .

  3. Don Says:

    Wow, I had a yellow ten speed bike with curved racer handlebars while at collage too! It must have been a popular bike then. I attended college in Florida and that bike had many miles put on it going from the college campus to the beach which was 12 miles away. In the end the bike was relegated to rust from all the salt water.

    I too have many mementos packed away in the basement from when my kids were growing up, but now as I sort through the items in preparation for an eventual move I’ve come to the conclusion that they need to get their stuff out of the house!

  4. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I probably would have grabbed that retro baby basket for a cat bed. We have a cat obsessed child in our house

  5. Bernadette Thomasy Says:

    Our oldest daughter definitely got horse fever. She loved the My Little Ponies, collected model horses and started to save for a horse of her own by running a recycling service in our neighborhood and also delivering a weekly shopper paper to another neighborhood. Alas as parents we had to share the reality: the cost of owning and caring for a horse when we were city dwellers was not possible, no matter how much she saved. So instead we leased her a horse for 3 months in the summer and she used her savings to buy a MAC computer, which eventually helped support her interest in science and becoming a veterinarian.

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