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Dealing with flooding in Faribault September 22, 2016

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Sandbags protect the Faribault Woolen Mill from the rising Cannon River.

Sandbags protect the Faribault Woolen Mill from the rising Cannon River in this June 2014 file photo. A similar scene is unfolding today.

AS I WRITE, SANDBAGGING is underway at Faribault’s historic woolen mill along the banks of the rising Cannon River.

At noon, the Faribault City Council will meet during an emergency session to declare a State of Emergency in my community. That allows the city to deal immediately with flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

The City of Faribault has issued an emergency alert, ordering motorists not to drive through or around barricades. With two rivers—the Straight and the Cannon—running through town, there are major flooding concerns.

We’ve seen this all before, in September 2010 and in June 2014. My community appears ready as we continue under a flood warning through tonight.

Be safe wherever you are/travel in flooded Minnesota today.

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12 Responses to “Dealing with flooding in Faribault”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Whoa…that’s crazy, stay safe my friend!

  2. My parents have moved to higher ground, but may need to evacuate the area later on this afternoon. Be safe (sending thoughts of dryness).

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    Good luck up there. I heard that the City of Austin was removing park and recreation equipment from low laying areas. Hope the good folks of Iowa don’t suffer too much when the water heads their way.

  4. Don Says:

    Crum, I hope everyone can keep their feet dry there!

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