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Up on the housetop in Waterville September 29, 2016

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THERE ARE VIKINGS fans and then there are Vikings fans.




When I spotted this ginormous Vikings helmet atop a roof recently in Waterville, just a half block off Main Street, I thought it marked a bar. Waterville seems to have a sizable number of drinking establishments.

But, upon closer inspection, I determined this building is a residence.

There’s a story here.

What story would you spin from these photo prompts?

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14 Responses to “Up on the housetop in Waterville”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    I can just imagine lawn chairs up there on a crisp fall afternoon, coolers filled with beer, tv trays filled with wings and nachos and a group of men huddled around a big screen tv with an orange extension cord running out of a window below to power the tv. The helmet just adds to the decor. πŸ™‚

  2. I would say someone is a HUGE Fan – Go Vikings – SKOL!!! Love it – thanks for sharing – made me smile this morning. Happy Day – Enjoy πŸ™‚

  3. Dan Traun Says:

    Obviously this is a die-hard Vikings fan and the Mrs. must be as well. I don’t think I would get away with this at home; I wouldn’t try either as I am not that big of a sports fan. I think Packer-land is even more enthusiastic about their football team. I’ve seen some enormous Packer embellishment while traveling through Wisconsin.

  4. Almost Iowa Says:

    Given the strong winds lately, every roof needs a helmet.

  5. I bet there’s a good party on football nights in that house

  6. Jackie Says:

    They have the perfect spot for that helmet, a flat-top roof…it displays so nicely!

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