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Inside the Paradise: the work of young Faribault area artists March 12, 2019

Parrot painting by Ava Nelson, 8th grader at Faribault Middle School.


THEIR LEVEL OF TALENT always impresses me. Every single time I view the annual Faribault Area Student Art Exhibit at the Paradise Center for the Arts.


Viewing student art inside the second floor gallery at the Paradise Center for the Arts.


As I peruse the art of students from Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt elementary schools, Faribault Middle School and Cannon River STEM School, I recognize how this early public appreciation of student art can encourage a life-long love of the arts. The student art lines hallway and gallery walls on the second floor of the Paradise.


Cat face completed drawing by Faribault Middle School eighth grader Lily Thompson.



Believe by Mackenzie Miner, eighth grader at Faribault Middle School.


It’s colorful. Subdued. Abstract. Real-life. Introspective. Creative. Everything you would expect in art.


Portraits by Alex Hernandez Perez, left, and Cesario Hernandez, both fifth graders at Roosevelt Elementary School.


By Alicia C., Cannon River STEM School eighth grader.


By Damarius Cisneros, Jefferson Elementary School third grader.


Subjects span portraits to scenery. In all seasons. Vivid hues. Monotone. Textured.



By Henry Dulac, second grader at Lincoln Elementary School.



By Amirah J., second grader at Cannon River STEM School.


This art sparks smiles, makes me wonder about the thoughts of the artists. Were they simply completing an assignment? Or were they moved beyond that to put themselves into their creations?


Colorful tree in foreground is by Addison L., first grader at Cannon River STEM School.


To the art teachers who guide and encourage these students, thank you. Your efforts show.



To the student artists, thank you for sharing your art. May art always hold importance in your life, whether in creation of art or in a deep appreciation of art. To create is to express yourself. To create is to make a difference in this world. To create is to boldly put yourself out there. I welcome the opportunity each winter to see the works of these students, these artists.

FYI: The student art exhibit runs through April 6.

© Copyright 2019 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


12 Responses to “Inside the Paradise: the work of young Faribault area artists”

  1. Great work! Inspiring!

  2. Lovely pieces of art, thank you for sharing Audrey. For some reason the shadowing on the snowman picture caught my eye 🙂 I was told by my daughter that our Audrey had an art project picked to show at some upcoming event….. I need to find out more about that, she is quite the little artist! It runs in her blood.

    • I noticed that shadowing in the snowman art also. I’m not surprised you caught that.

      How exciting that Audrey had her art chosen for an upcoming exhibit. Be sure to share that with us.

      Yes, I would say Audrey is gifted in art, just like her Grandma and uncle.

  3. Love the art, the creativity, the passion, etc. 🙂 Makes you smile and think of adventures and experiences. Happy Day – Enjoy!

  4. Such talent in these young people! Wow! Thanks for sharing

  5. Valerie Says:

    I do enjoy seeing young artist’s work and I’m always in awe of people who can draw and paint.

  6. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    How special is this?! Not like any art I remember at that age. And to have it shared like this. Definitely the snowman shadows have a hidden eye there. And the cat face. Love your winter pics as well. Tried so hard to capture the one “wonder of winter” snow we’ve had, but I’ll have to steal a few of yours. Thanks for those too!

    • Yes, the art is amazing. Art back in the day consisted primarily of cutting and gluing construction paper. It wasn’t really part of the curriculum in my elementary school. I remember painting a color wheel in junior high. But beyond that, nothing. I don’t think I took a single art class in high school, not that many were offered. I should have.

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