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More than a snowman, Faribo Frosty brings smiles, joy January 15, 2020

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Randy blowing snow from our driveway during a previous winter. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


AS I LOOK OUTSIDE my office window, I see snow and grey skies. And front steps which await shoveling by me, because I’m the clean-up half of Team Helbling Snow Removal. Randy operates the aged, mammoth snowblower. I use an assortment of shovels depending on moisture content and snow depth.


Grandpa and Izzy build their own Frosty in our backyard in December 2018. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


A time existed when I loved snow, when I built snow forts and snowmen, packed snowballs, raced across snow mountains, went sliding, made snow angels. Those are but memories although, with grandchildren, I am regaining an appreciation for the fun aspect of snow. On occasion, a snow person now pops up in our yard.


Faribo Frosty photographed in the Hoisington family’s front yard in December. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2019.


Up close with Faribo Frosty in December 2019. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Gracing the Hoisingtons’ yard at the corner of Third Avenue Northwest and First Street Northwest in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2019.


But in one Faribault yard, a snowman has established permanent winter residency. He is Faribo Frosty, a towering—as in more than 20-feet tall—and rotund snowman standing at 18 Third Avenue Northwest. This is home to Andy and Debbie Hoisington who, for the past 10-plus years, have gifted my community with this now local icon of winter.


Andy and his son Jake work on Faribo Frosty. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2018.


I’ve observed Andy and his son working on Frosty, climbing a ladder, packing snow. Andy sources ice from the local ice arena to keep Frosty at a healthy, tip top lovable shape.


My granddaughter hugging Faribo Frosty. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2018.


And folks of all ages love Frosty. There’s simply something about an over-sized grinning snowman with a bright red scarf and mittens that makes me happy. Numerous times in recent years when I’ve stopped to see Frosty, I’ve observed the joy Faribo Frosty brings. My own granddaughter last winter stretched her arms wide to hug Frosty. Moments like that make me forget about the cold and shoveling snow.


Faribo Frosty draws lots of appreciative fans. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2018.


And moments like this remind me of the simple joys in life, if we but pause to embrace them.


Thank you, Hoisington family, for creating Frosty, for your winter gift to this community and beyond.

FYI: Click here to learn more about Faribo Frosty from a metro media source. His fame is spreading. Also click here to read my past posts about Faribo Frosty.

© Copyright 2020 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


20 Responses to “More than a snowman, Faribo Frosty brings smiles, joy”

  1. I love Faribo Frosty and have loved all your posts about him. What a fun part of winter.

  2. Littlesundog Says:

    Celebrating the spirit of winter is the best fix for the misery of the cold, ice and snow. That giant Frosty is amazing and great for photography! I admit, I do not miss the weather up north. When we get snow here in Oklahoma, it generally disappears in a day or three. I like that! The temperatures are pleasantly above freezing most of the time.

    • Every geographic region has its weather. I wouldn’t like dealing with all the tornadoes Oklahoma experiences. That said, a tornado hit Faribault (including my neighborhood) in September 2018 and also my childhood farm and hometown.

      We’re expecting a major winter storm here on Friday into Saturday morning. Right now the forecast is six inches plus. Team Helbling Snow Removal will be out in full force again.

  3. Love the pic with your granddaughter hugging Faribo Frosty – oh so CUTE 🙂 There is just something about a jolly snowperson that makes one smile! The owners have a gorgeous home too. Thanks for sharing – Happy Day – Enjoy

  4. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson (One Minnesota Writer) Says:

    Just seeing Faribo Frosty makes me happy, too! Even though it’s via your blog. 🙂 Glad you’ve found something to bring you joy in the winter, Audrey.

  5. valeriebollinger Says:

    What a gift Hoisington’s have given to their community. Faribo Frosty – the name and whole idea makes me smile.

  6. Randy Says:

    Just go back in the house grandma.

  7. I love that snowman, someday I shall see him for myself! Thanks for posting, he sure brought a smile to my face.

  8. “Snowflakes and snowmen melt the hardest of hearts” Paula Gray, 2003

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