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No day of rest on a snowy Sunday in Minnesota February 9, 2020

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A bank sign in Faribault flashes the weather late Saturday afternoon.


SATURDAY BROUGHT SUNSHINE and cold temps to Minnesota. Below zero in the morning, up to 20 in the afternoon. But that is manageable when the sun shines. Everything’s better under sunny skies in the depth of winter.


The grandkids, ages one and three, play hide-and-seek behind curtains for a short while until Grandma decided that probably wasn’t the best idea. (The parents were gone.)


We headed to the north metro to spend time with our eldest and her family, which includes our two darling grandchildren. I think everyone had the same idea to be out and about before the winter storm hit Saturday night. Roads were congested in areas and too many drivers wove in and out of traffic, not bothering to use their signals and cutting in too close. I always wonder, what’s the hurry that you must drive like this?


More snow to add to the piles. I took this shot from our driveway.


All of that aside, the promised snow arrived and we awoke to about eight inches on the ground Sunday morning. I was tempted to roll over, pull the covers tighter and snuggle in for more sleep when the alarm sounded at 6:45 a.m. But I didn’t.


A city of Faribault snowplow clears the street in front of my home.


I wondered if we would get out the driveway to make it to the 8 a.m. church service. But the arterial street past our house was already plowed so Randy needed only to gun it out our drive and then plow through the unplowed side street a short distance and we were on our way.


The beautiful snowy wooded hillside in our backyard.


Church was so empty that we all clumped together in front pews rather than sit in our regular spots. That is so un-Lutheran.


Randy starts down the driveway with the snowblower.


As any Minnesotan knows, the worst thing is to have the driveway all cleared and then the snowplow plows the end shut with a ridge of snow.


Making progress on clearing the driveway of snow.


Post worship service found Randy and me back home tackling snow removal—ours and that of a neighbor in her eighties. Randy maneuvers our Noah’s ark vintage snowblower while I shovel.


Our assorted shovels stacked in the garage.


Today I used all three shovels—the scoop shovel, plastic shovel and metal shovel. All serve a different purpose. Best for throwing. Best for pushing. Best for scraping. I’ve shoveled snow for enough decades to understand the importance of assorted tools.


Our driveway, clear of snow. Yeah!


Now I’m inside, feeling the ache of shoveling in my back, even if the snow was feather-light. But, hey, the sun is shining again and the snow has moved east into Wisconsin.

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25 Responses to “No day of rest on a snowy Sunday in Minnesota”

  1. Ugh!! You poor girl! I do not miss the harsh winters of living in the north. Stay warm! ❤

  2. I don’t miss snow clean up!!! I always wondered if the county snowplow waited around the corner until I had just finished shoveling to pile more in front of my driveway… discouraging when you think you are done!

  3. The sunshine makes a world of difference in my mind. If there is sun the cold is tolerable. We got a couple of inches this past weekend again but it was gone the next day as it hit the 50’s here . This week looks like more rain is in the forecast –that is what we are famous for but the sun always comes out eventually and sometimes during so we have beautiful rainbows. Hopefully that will be the case. Hope no more snow comes your way for awhile.

  4. valeriebollinger Says:

    Lots and lots of snow. Nice to have a fresh layer for skiing, but the clean up is not fun.
    However, this morning (Monday) the landscapes are stunning with the hoar frost.

  5. The grandkids are growing up 🙂 I do not miss the snow from the standpoint of driving in it or shoveling it. Be Safe and Stay Warm

  6. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    When we cleared out our driveway yesterday, several of our neighbors were also outside and I was reminded that this is how we catch up with neighbors in the winter! The sunshine in the afternoon was gorgeous. And this morning frost outlined every single thing. It was awesome. By the way, I’ve moved my blog over to a new host: Wix. Still at oneminnesotawriter.com. Come on by and see the new look. Thanks, Audrey.

    • That’s a really positive way too view a substantial snow fall. It does get neighbors out and talking in the winter.

      I’ve been to your updated site, which looks great. I have yet to figure out how to comment. Change always challenges me.

  7. Brian Says:

    Bless you for watching out for your neighbor. Conditions were so bad on the way to church I thought they should have canceled services. Then the sun was shining at the conclusion.

  8. Your driveway looks amazing…nice job on the shoveling. We get the need for a variety of shovels. I recorded 9 inches here in NW Rochester, I went for a little walk before the plow came, everything was untouched and so pretty.

  9. Ruth Says:

    Just wanted to say that photo of Randy and the snowblower is excellent. I have a real feel for your more severe winter after reading your post and have snugged the shawl that I have draped around my shoulders a bit tighter. Brrrrrr. There is definitely a beauty in winter.

  10. Susan Ready Says:

    so I want to know if Randy snowplowed a path to your grill this year?

  11. Littlesundog Says:

    Just reading and looking at your photos brought a chill to my feet and hands! Ha ha! I do get cold sitting here at the computer at a window on the north side of the house. I’m not going to complain a bit about our cold weather. Oklahoma is balmy compared to what you are living!! Here’s to spring arriving soon for all of us!!

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