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Simple, yet powerful: The paper heart March 30, 2020

Minnesota Prairie Roots photo.


IN A WORLD THAT TODAY needs all the love we can give one another, the simple act of cutting out and posting paper hearts in windows is spreading the love. Right here in my Minnesota community.


In the window of a house along Second Avenue NW in Faribault.


While en route to the grocery store and to a local park to walk a recreational trail on Saturday, I spotted paper hearts. In the front window of a house. On the windows of a bank. And covering doors and windows at Rice County Government Services. Those bright displays made me smile.


Hearts cover the doors leading into the Rice County Social Services building in Faribault.


I had no idea then that this heart art is part of a movement, spread on social media via “A World of Hearts” and “Hearts in the Window” Facebook pages. A woman from Bismarck, North Dakota, started #aworldofhearts. And another from British Columbia started the second group.


Minnesota Prairie Roots photo.


What a great idea. To uplift spirits. To give joy. To connect people in a time when we are all social distancing and staying home due to COVID-19. To spread the love via a world-wide movement. We need this sense of togetherness.

TELL ME: Have you seen heart art in windows in your community? What’s your reaction to this movement? Are you, or will you, join this effort?

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20 Responses to “Simple, yet powerful: The paper heart”

  1. Hearts are everywhere around here as well as bears that people are putting out for kids to go on a Bear Hunt which I find adorable. Everyone is just looking for a way to connect to one another right now. I also just saw a great idea — neighbors gave an elderly neighbor a piece of green, yellow and red paper to put in the window. Green means “I am fine”, yellow means “I need an errand” and red means “I need help”. Simple but awesome idea. Stay well.

    • Thanks for your report from NC about all those hearts. I hope to get some in my windows also, especially since we live at the corner of a busy street. I spotted one teddy bear in a window, photographed it and will write about that soon.

      I like the paper in the window idea, although I might wonder what the “I need help” red means.

  2. Heart this – love this 🙂 I have seen neighbors putting up their holiday lights and it makes the empty hood look a little more festive and cheery. Be safe and Take Care!!!

  3. Jillian Says:

    I have not seen one heart in my community. Since I just got approved to work from home I am going to make paper hearts for my window. I know people in my neighborhood are doing their part staying in as much as possible. Maybe some hearts will lift some spirits.

  4. Jackie Says:

    I love this Audrey. Rochester is doing Teddy bears in the windows. Kids and parents are walking in neighborhoods (social distancing in mind) looking for bears in the windows. My mom lives in the country but has 10 bears in the window…such a sweet soul.

  5. Sandra Seelhammer Says:

    I didn’t have any construction paper so I made some out of glass. I guess I can’t sent you a picture on here…. bummer.

  6. I have! I will take a picture today!

  7. Missy’s Crafty Mess/Missy’s Handarbeid Says:

    Oh wow! I haven’t heard of this. My daughter painted our back door like stained glass over the weekend. I will share a picture tomorrow

  8. keyshaline Says:

    Yes indeed, we need all the love we can get from one another. But most importantly, we need prayers. It is only God, I repeat, only God can save our from this COVID 19.

  9. Ruth Says:

    Beautiful hearts. How touching.

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