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About that toilet paper shortage October 14, 2020

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A look at the toilet paper aisle at Aldi in early March. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo March 2020.

HOW SHORT OUR MEMORIES. Or how great the current toilet paper supply.

Whatever, just seven short months ago, we couldn’t find toilet paper. Anywhere. People were hoarding and stockpiling, creating unprecedented shortages of this household staple as the COVID-19 pandemic settled into our everyday lives.

I photographed this eastside Faribault residence covered in toilet paper Saturday morning as part of the TP’ing homecoming tradition. Bethlehem Academy celebrated homecoming last weekend.

But here we are, with the pandemic in full-blown mode all these months later and plenty of toilet paper to go around. Or at least enough that high schoolers here in Faribault continue the homecoming tradition of TP’ing houses and yards. I saw at least six local residences swathed in toilet paper while out and about over the weekend.

That’s a lot of toilet paper. Toilet paper we paid good prices for back in March and April, especially.

Years ago I held the mindset that TP’ing was just plain stupid and a waste of good toilet paper. I still consider it a waste of good toilet paper. But I now consider TP’ing property to be good fun given other less desirable options.

But, I wonder, in a month or two will these kids wish they had the toilet paper rolls they so freely tossed to the wind? Only time will tell…as the pandemic relentlessly continues.

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6 Responses to “About that toilet paper shortage”

  1. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    Always felt sorry for whoever had to clean up before it rained….us luteran’s didn’t….that I know of. Roofs, trees….gad.

  2. valeriebollinger Says:

    It is interesting that kids TP’d friends houses and yards during this time… but i guess toilet paper is in abundant supply again. Thankfully. 😉

  3. Gunny Says:

    LOL. I recall Johnny Carson stating on his late night talk show that there was a TP shortage in Burbank. he meant it as a joke, and I took it as a joke. The following night, he got back to that joke, stated it had been a joke, but NOW there was a real TP shortage in Burbank! When we started into lock down due to the pandemic, I was surprised that TP had been stripped from the shelves! Did people not realize that the virus was caught via the upper respiratory system and not the lower exhaust system?

    Sorry, I too, consider TP’ing a house a great waste of a usually inexpensive product and a great waste of labor and effort both by the perpetrators and by the recipients. . .

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