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Faribo Frosty is back, snow or not December 9, 2020

Father and son, Andy and Jake Hoisington, build Faribo Frosty Saturday afternoon.

WITH NO SNOW LAYERING the local landscape, I didn’t expect Faribault’s famous Frosty the Snowman to make his annual pre-Christmas appearance yet.

Faribo Frosty has become a holiday icon in my community of Faribault.

But there he was, standing tall and proud in the Hoisington family’s front yard at 18 Third Avenue Northwest Saturday afternoon.

Jake, left, arrived from Mankato to help his dad build Faribo Frosty.

Debbie Hoisington was photographing the work crew as they finished sculpting the snowman from 21 trailer loads of snow/ice sourced from the Faribault Ice Arena. As I paused to chat for a moment, head snowman builder Andy Hoisington noted that Faribault needs Frosty more than ever this year due to COVID-19. I agreed.

Throughout the months Frosty stands in the Hoisington’s yard, Andy will continue to maintain Frosty, especially when he begins to melt in warm, sunny weather.

I thanked him and his family for the joy they bring to others, 2020 marking the 11th or 12th year of Faribo Frosty accenting their Faribault yard. They’ve lost count. The over-sized snowman draws families and others for memorable photo ops and has become a community holiday attraction.

Done for the day. I think.

For Andy, part of the joy also comes in working side-by-side with his family. As I watched on Saturday, he and his 34-year-old son, Jake, scooped snow from a trailer toward the ground around Faribo Frosty.

My granddaughter hugging Faribo Frosty. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo December 2018.

Snapping my final frames, I said, “I’ll be back with the grandchildren when they’re in town.” And I will. It’s become a tradition to see Frosty and pose for photos.

NOTE: Be sure to wear face masks and social distance as needed when visiting Faribo Frosty.

© Copyright 2020 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


18 Responses to “Faribo Frosty is back, snow or not”

  1. Washe Koda Says:

    🙂 Oh My I miss Minnesota ⛄️

  2. Ruth Says:

    Awww everyone loves Faribo Frosty, even from a distance.

  3. valeriebollinger Says:

    Yay, I’m so glad to know Frosty is in Faribault.

  4. Kiandra Judge Says:

    Yes! I was hoping this would still be up!

  5. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    You’re right…more than ever we need these traditions to brighten our days. This brought a smile to my face, thanks for posting. I’m still waiting for the snow…….sigh

  6. Kathleen Ahern Says:

    Oh, Audrey, thank you for this post and photos. How well I remember this beautiful home! I also remember when we lived in Faribault that a lovely family lived in this home with their 4 boys – 3 of which were triplets.

    If memory serves me right … one of the triplet’s name was Jake.

    If that’s right, it’s amazing to see the passage of time, as the triplets were very young when I worked at the library in Faribault. If this is the “little Jake” I knew … he’s certainly grown up!

    Thanks for the journey down memory lane for me!

    • Kathleen, the Hoisingtons are a different family than the one you recall living in this beautiful, historic home. They don’t have triplets in their family. Jake Hoisington is the same age as Amber, but a year behind in school.

  7. Missy’s Crafty Mess Says:

    I love that they do this and yes this year the holiday cheer is needed even more.

  8. What an amazing feat to haul in all that snow to build Frosty! Wonderful! 🙂

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