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Thankful for rain… June 29, 2021

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Playing in the rain in July 2014 in southwestern Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

RAIN, RAIN, oh, glorious rain.

Much-needed rain fell here in southeastern Minnesota over the weekend and into Monday, easing the drought that has left lawns parched brown and soybean and corn fields stressed.

Rain fell from late morning to late afternoon Saturday, with 3.5 inches collected in the rain gauge at our house. More fell on Sunday, although those were showers rather than anything substantial. Monday afternoon, just as I was about to hang laundry on the line, raindrops began falling. That ended plans to hang clothes outdoors. But I was OK with that given the steady rain.

I still think like the farmer’s daughter that I am with my dad’s words echoing in my brain. I can almost hear him saying, “They got more rain north of Echo.” No matter how much rain fell on his fields near Vesta, he always thought Echo, seven miles to the north, got more. Or that their crops always looked better.

I never understood Dad’s dissatisfaction. And I can’t ask; he’s been gone 18 years now. But if Echo got rain, good for the farmers near that small southwestern Minnesota town.

Right now all of Minnesota needs rain. And if you got some, no matter how much or where, then I’m thankful.


TELL ME: Are you dealing with a drought or rain shortage where you live? Or if you live in Minnesota and got recent rain, how much?

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10 Responses to “Thankful for rain…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    How wonderful you got some rain. So much suffering due to drought.

  2. Climate/weather is crazy this year! We had hot temperatures (record setting) end of March then wet April (mostly it is nice in April), then dry May into June, then hot again setting records then rain, hot, thunderstorms, muggy. Honestly, nothing seems close to normal and nature knows it too! Garden looks horrible, large clutches of birds this year, horrible numbers of slugs and snails, few bees, butterflies. Not good if this continues. Worried that this will become the new normal.

    • I appreciate your detailed report from the Netherlands. Yes, everything seems out of whack. Minnesota winters certainly aren’t like those of my childhood with mega snow. Not that I’m wishing for that…

  3. Norma Says:

    Oh, for the much needed rain here in California!! Our rivers, are drying up, our lakes are merely ponds now. I am a person who loves the rain. I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, so I should be used to this sort of weather, but I would love to be able to step outside, and need an umbrella.


    Your dad’s dissatisfaction with not getting as much rain as other places sounds very familiar. I think it is in the nature of farmers to observe and comment on what other farmers are doing or have had happen – such as the rain. A farmer’s work is right there on display and therefore open to critique. My dad did the same but it still happens. My husband farms with his two brothers. We watched the rain go all around us. Our friends south of us got 2 plus inches at one time. We got an inch over three days. That’s good and we are thankful, but my husband the farmer will still comment. I guess I do too!

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