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Mental health: A look at stress, distractions & help July 30, 2021

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Part of the sculpture, “Waist Deep” themed to mental health. and outside the Northfield Public Library. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2019.

I REACHED UNDER THE SINK, pulled out the garbage container and dumped the flour mixture into the trash. The morning prior, I’d tossed overcooked wild rice.

It’s not like me to waste food. But I’ve been stressed and distracted this week, causing me to lose focus. When preparing Blueberry-Banana Bread this morning, I couldn’t recall whether I’d added baking powder. So into the garbage the flour mix went. On Thursday I was similarly distracted and, while I heard the timer alert me to the rice being done, the grains needed a bit more cooking. Except I forgot. Lucky for me the rice didn’t burn to the point of a smoke alarm sounding.


What’s the point of sharing this? My experiences, minor in comparison to US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, reaffirm how stress and distraction can affect results. Because my thoughts were elsewhere, I burned the wild rice and couldn’t recall ingredients added, or not, to the flour mix. So I opted to start over and focus on the task. The results were delicious Chicken Wild Rice Hotdish and Blueberry-Banana Bread.

Perhaps Biles wishes she could start over. Or not. She recognized the mental stress and pressure she was feeling and chose to step out of the competition. That shows great personal strength. She chose to put her health first. She chose also to put her team first, realizing she was not at her best. I applaud the honesty, courage and recognition that her health needs to come first. She’s also reopened the discussion on mental health issues faced by athletes. That leads to other discussions about mental health in the general population.


Some of the strongest, bravest people and families I know are those who live/deal with mental health challenges. They must not only find ways to cope and live their lives, but also overcome stigma and roadblocks. That can be undeniably difficult. These individuals and families need our compassion, love and support.

I fully expect Biles will have easy access to professional mental health care. Yet, for too many, that is not the case. Finances, lack of providers and more can limit treatment. That is reality.


As I write this, I feel focused. Writing helps me mentally. And as a woman of faith, prayer helps, too. As does reading my Bible.

I’ve also eaten way too much Blueberry-Banana Bread today. Typically when I’m stressed, I don’t eat much. But there’s something about warm bread that keeps drawing me back to the kitchen…

Between pauses in writing and bites of bread, I still find my mind drifting. To my dear cousin Dawn and family who lost their husband/father/grandfather unexpectedly yesterday due to natural causes. Rich was only 58. The stress that family is experiencing must feel overwhelming. My heart hurts for all of them at their loss.

Because I was thinking of Dawn this morning, I was unfocused in the kitchen. I was also thinking of my son’s upcoming move, which will take him even farther away from Minnesota. My mind brimmed with concern, worry, sorrow and too many distracting thoughts. We all have days, maybe even weeks, when we feel stressed, unfocused.


I hope that when you see someone struggling, you choose to encourage. To show compassion. To understand. To listen. To keep the focus on the friend or family member and not interject your own story, advice or opinions. Bake some Blueberry-Banana Bread or Chicken Wild Rice Hotdish (“casserole”if you live outside Minnesota) to take to and comfort someone. I expect Dawn’s refrigerator is already filled with food from those who love her and her family.

Most of all, simply be there. In a text, a note, a call or in-person. Show you care.

© Copyright 2021 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


10 Responses to “Mental health: A look at stress, distractions & help”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Heartfelt post. Mom lost Dad at 54, she was 50 and 13 yr. old me. It is really hard. Prayers and hugs to Dawn and family! Simone’s personal agenda is to hold the IOC accountable for their negligence with Dr. Nassar, she’s been vocal about it. Disgusting there are selfish critics. That Suni was able to keep us in the medal race is a blessing for her, her ethnicity and US! And Oakdale, yet! Except for Woodbury, east side metro is blue collar hard working. Enough bad cop press for MN, been a terrible, scary year. If you only mess up a recipe when emotional, could be worse. I am sorry your child is moving farther, my one in AZ with no direct flights, having to re-establish all professional connections again, very
    stressful. Direct flights will return, eventually. (I’m not getting any younger.) Warm, fresh bread – beats chocolate hands down!

    • Sandra, it’s good (as always) to read your thoughts on my post. I always appreciate your comments. That’s a really “hard” age for you to lose your dad. He was so young. I’m sorry.

      Thank you for your prayers for Dawn.

      Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Wonderful post, Audrey. My neighbor just brought me some fresh picked blueberries so I need that recipe for your Blueberry Banana Bread stat! Our minds can get distracted and it is just so easy to ignore the stress that we are under but it is so very important to take care of our mental health as well as our physical health. I am so sorry for the loss of Rich. That is way too young and just heart breaking. My prayers are with all who loved and cared for him. Hugs.

  3. Valerie Says:

    A good post with reminders to us all, to be compassionate and show care.

  4. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss Audrey, so young….I cant imagine. Great post with many good reminders.

    • Thank you, Jackie. We had another death in the extended family, too, that of a 14-year-old. His dad wrote a powerful Facebook post about how undetected depression factored into his son’s death. It’s been a heartbreaking past several weeks within my extended family.

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