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So, yeah, it’s cold here in Minnesota January 2, 2022

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Frost on the window pane against the backdrop screen. (Minnesota Prairie Roots edited & copyrighted photo January 2022)

I CONSIDERED THIS QUESTION: How can I convey just how cold the weather in Minnesota right now via a photo, without stepping outside?

Ah, not so difficult after all.

I headed upstairs to photograph frost layering a bedroom window. Our second level is undeniably cold with only one air duct opening to two bedrooms. Factor in that the duct runs along an exterior wall and the heat which actually reaches the upper story is minimal. That does not provide for a warm and inviting space for guests. But such is the reality of this old house.

This afternoon I found the warmest spot to be in the kitchen—standing next to a heat vent under the south window, bright sunlight streaming into the room. The sunshine can almost fool me in to thinking it’s nice outside.

I thought momentarily about stepping outdoors, but opted not to do so given the current outdoor temp of four degrees. As cold as that may sound to some of you, consider Ada in the northwestern part of Minnesota. That small town broke a January 2 record from 1892, recording a low today of -39 degrees. I have friends who live near that Norman County community. On New Year’s Eve, my friend texted that the air temp was -17 degrees and falling with wind chills in the -40 to -50 degrees range. Now that’s cold. Their family was hunkering indoors and playing board games.

Our entire state has been in either wind chill warnings or advisories. Exposed flesh can freeze within 10 minutes in temps as cold as we’ve experienced in the past several days.

But change is coming. Monday and Tuesday temps are expected to reach into the 20s and possibly 30s. Downright balmy. Comparatively speaking.

TELL ME: What’s the temp like where you live?

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24 Responses to “So, yeah, it’s cold here in Minnesota”

  1. Cathy Says:

    It was minus 6 in the Omaha area this morning – also with extreme cold advisory!

  2. Charles Paul Ziegler Says:

    I live in Alexandria, Virginia. We are expecting 3-7 inches of snow overnight, though forecasting snow totals is very tricky in this region. Wind gusts could be up to 35MPH, temperature 20 degrees for a low, 35 degrees for a high.

    My father was from Minnesota (Sheridan Township in Redwood County). I recall that all of our family visits to Minnesota were in the summer; the winters were just too cold!

    • Sounds like you are in for an interesting night with that predicted snowfall combined with that wind. Be safe. Maybe just hunker in at home with board games.

      Smart family to visit Minnesota only in the summer. It’s good to hear from you again.

  3. beth Says:

    you’ll be sunbathing on Monday and Tuesday

  4. Sandra Says:

    As long as it isn’t windy, a January thaw would be good. Seems to be fewer of those. Looking forward to more pictures on that new camera! Belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, such as it is. (pray you don’t lose a pastor…)

    • Tomorrow and Tuesday will be better (aka warmer) temp wise. A welcome break from this cold.

      Yes, I was surprised by the pastoral call. I haven’t even gotten to know our “new” pastor yet since COVID has kept us from attending in-person worship the past nearly two years.

      Happy New Year to you also!

  5. Dwayne Roth Says:

    We had -35 degrees air temp this morning in Gilbert, MN

  6. Chuck Hess Says:

    Hi, This is Chuck Hess, formerly from Redwood Falls. I, m sure you know good old Redwood.
    I still miss old Redwood Falls and have thought of moving back my. body couldn’t take the cold, Most of my relatives still live there. It can get into the 40’s here during the night and 60 during the day

    I have a hard time using the key board, so if you see an error, oh well.

    Take care.

    Chuck Hess

    • Chuck, thank you for taking the time to type your “weather report.” I appreciate that especially since using a keyboard is a challenge.

      It sounds like you live in a much warmer place. I agree that the cold takes a toll on the body. As a child I loved winter. Not so much now in my golden years.

  7. In my Dutch wilderness (I use that loosely) we are experiencing 50F and 21mph winds. My view out of the cabin onto the lake is constantly changing with the waves hitting the break wall right outside the door.
    Be careful my MN friends! Frostbite is nothing to joke about this time of year. I lost part of my ear in January a few years ago when the temperatures dipped into the -20F range.

    • Losing part of an ear to frostbite sounds painful. I’m sorry. Randy and I were discussing our childhoods, wondering how we managed to avoid frostbite. Each winter my fingers would tingle while doing barn chores. And my hands were always cracked and bleeding. That’s a vivid childhood memory.

      • I know what you mean about childhood chores. Nothing like lambing in January and February in Northern MN and checking sheep no matter what the weather. I really don’t know how I didn’t suffer frostbite in those days either. Thanks for sharing and stay as warm as possible.😊

      • It’s warming here. To tolerable, although some might even say “balmy.” The older I get, the less I like the cold and snow.

  8. I do not miss the frozen tundra when the temps drop below 20 degrees – brrrrr. I managed to sunburn myself the other day with the warm temps we are having here (we have been out on the water kayaking). We have a cool down coming though. You will have a MN Heat Wave soon enough too 🙂 Layers are key – stay warm.

  9. Larry Richie Says:

    It was so cold out at the farm here. I saw two red foxes pushing a jackrabbit across the field trying to get his transmission to turn over. It was a cold start yesterday.

  10. Hi Audrey! At 17 degrees in Roseville this Monday morning I feel like I could be in short sleeves after yesterday’s -15 morning temps. But I don’t mind. These cold temps around the New Year always make me think back to when I was a kid and my dad would back the car out, that snow crunching beneath the car’s tires in the way that only subzero Minnesota snow crunches. We never let those cold temps stop us!

  11. Isn’t ironic that the coldest days seem to include beautiful bright blue skys? It’s incredibly deceiving! It has warmer up a bit here. Hopefully it will be coming your way soon.

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