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No air travel nightmares on Tuesday for this passenger January 5, 2022

The drive to Terminal 1 early Tuesday afternoon was easy, just like in December 2015, when this photo was taken. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted file photo 2015)

HE EXITED JUST IN TIME, hours before snow moved into Minnesota on Tuesday evening. Followed by high winds and, then, returning arctic cold.

If you were to ask my 20-something son, he might say he didn’t leave soon enough. After moving to Indiana in late 2021 to pursue his PhD at Purdue University, he’s found the climate there warmer. And, for him, warm is good. The body acclimates quickly. He did not appreciate the cold snap of subzero temps in Minnesota during his two-week holiday visit or the overnight temperature of 62 degrees in our house. I handed him a stack of blankets.

My gratitude for his exit relates to air travel, which has been nightmarish with cancellations and delays seemingly unending. Some due to weather. Others due to staffing shortages attributed to COVID. When he booked his flight, I suggested a direct flight rather than a lay-over in Chicago. I figured there would be less chance of problems flying directly from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Indianapolis. That held true.

When we headed up to the airport at noon Tuesday, we fully expected congestion. Long lines of traffic creeping. A replay of the scene during his arrival several days before Christmas. Instead, we found minimal traffic, breezing to departures and even able to step outside the van for goodbye hugs. It was wonderful.

No snow. No waiting in traffic at the terminal. No delayed flight.

“Just landed in Indianapolis,” he texted at 5:11 pm Tuesday CST. All is good.

© Copyright 2022 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


6 Responses to “No air travel nightmares on Tuesday for this passenger”

  1. beth Says:

    all is well –

  2. Glad he made it home before the weather changed again. -25° windchill this morning! Chilled to the bone after taking the dog out.

    • Now I know exactly what’s moving our direction. Back to bone-chilling cold.

      As I write a Faribault police car idles on the street outside my house. A small car took out the stop sign on the corner with the car ending up partially in our yard. It appears he came around the corner too fast on the slippery street. A second car was also stopped, but I think that was just a friend and that vehicle was not involved. I’m just thankful the car and/or stop sign didn’t hit our house. Many years ago, a tire came off a vehicle, rolled down the hill and slammed into our house, just missing the gas meter. The tire mark is still there on the siding. Be safe out there, everyone.

  3. I’m glad the departure went well, and that Caleb is safely back in his home away from home.

    • Thank you. It was a long day for him with the hours waiting at two airports, the 1.5-hour flight and then the one hour-plus shuttle ride from Indianapolis to Lafayette. But, yes, it’s good he’s back in Indiana.

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