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Winter’s artistic beauty in southern Minnesota February 7, 2022

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Sunset as seen on the hillside behind my Faribault home. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

WINTER HOLDS STARK BEAUTY not seen in any other season. Sometimes seeing that takes extra effort, though, when thoughts center on Minnesota’s brutal cold and snow and ice.

(Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

Yet, many days—often in the morning and as the day closes—winter paints loveliness into the landscape. Upon the sky.

(Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

I live in the valley with a view to the east. When the sun rises, hues of golden yellow and rosy pink sometimes brush upon the heavens. Beautiful to behold. Occasionally Randy will text after arriving at work and alert me to the morning’s artistic arrival. I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

(Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

In late afternoon, pressing toward evening when I am preparing supper, I find myself drawn to the south kitchen window. There I shift my eyes slightly right to the tree-covered hillside behind our home. There I behold bare black branches against a backdrop pink sky. The loveliness of it all, the contrast of dark and light, delights me. Oh, how lovely the dusk of day.

(Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

Yes, even in the deep of winter, nature shows her creative side. Coloring the sky. Reminding me that in every single day beauty exists, even when it sometimes seems elusive.

(Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo January 2022)

TELL ME: What brings beauty into your natural world in February?

© Copyright 2022 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


22 Responses to “Winter’s artistic beauty in southern Minnesota”

  1. beth Says:

    yes, winter has a special glow – beautiful

  2. Kevin Kreger Says:

    The DNR Bald Eagle cam at https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/features/webcams/eaglecam/index.html
    They are getting close to egg-laying, bringing in the softer nesting materials.

  3. Those are some beautiful shades of pink. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

  4. Jillian Says:

    Beautiful photos Audrey.

  5. Sandy Bessingpas Says:

    The red dot of a cardinal perched on an evergreen tree against the white snow

  6. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    Well you know my thoughts about winter and beauty. I love everything about winter, the colors and contrast are more vibrant, there is a crispness in the air that is invigorating and there is extended peace and quiet in my days. Winter quiets my soul!

  7. Randy Says:

    These pictures must have been taken this past Friday,as there was still some snow in the air. If you would have walked up the hill you could have gotten pictures of the “sundogs” till the sun went below the horizon.

  8. Ruth Says:

    Don’t tell anyone but I love winter. Not the severe cold or dangerous ice and granted it goes on for too long, but I love to see the dark tree branches outlined in snow, the muffled world.

  9. Ruth Says:

    I don’t think I finished my thought but your post is exactly why I love the season. So beautiful

  10. Sandra Says:

    To quiet our souls, one of our clergy started a “Contemplative Photography” FB page at the start of covid, now has +400 viewers/members. Yours would definitely be appreciated, can I share your “pink” with credit line? Amazing what is being shared from creative eyes perspective with good cameras. Being an urban dweller, but with a rear bedroom view of great trees, I wake up to autumn color or spring buds, for now. They’re mostly ash trees, property’s already lost 5. However, mid-Jan. full moon was so bright, sent me to the weather pages, wondering if something special was happening. And lasted most of that week. Feb. is coming up, I’m watching for more daylight midnight hours!

    • Sandra, you’re free to share that photo with credit, as long as there’s an understanding that I’m not giving up any photo rights to the image. I love this idea your pastor came up with during the pandemic.

      It sounds like you definitely appreciate the views of the natural world on your urban property.

  11. Norma Says:


    • Thank you. I thought of you last evening as I began reading the book “The Children’s Blizzard” by David Laskin. It’s about the deadly blizzard of January 13, 1888, in which many school children perished in the Midwest. I know you’ve always wanted to experience a blizzard, but certainly not of this magnitude.

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