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Minnesota Prairie Roots’ Friday flowers thank others November 27, 2009

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IN THE SPIRIT of Thanksgiving, this week’s Minnesota Prairie Roots’ virtual Friday flowers focus on thankfulness.

Those of you who have been following Friday flowers know that each week I “give” virtual flowers to individuals, businesses or organizations deserving of thanks, in need of encouragement or who are celebrating.

With that said, here are the November 27 recipients of Minnesota Prairie Roots’ flowers:

I photographed these daisies in my yard this summer. They are among my favorite flowers for their simplistic beauty.

My niece, Tara, and her husband, Andy, who bought a house in Champlin several months ago and bravely volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner for extended family. Twenty-one of us gathered for a scrumptious meal, laughter and togetherness. Thanks, Tara and Andy, for having us.

Jerry and Mal Hlady, who spearheaded the 24th annual free community Thanksgiving dinner in Faribault. This year, more than 1,000 meals were served. Without the generous donations of local businesses and individuals and without the many volunteers who peel potatoes, debone turkeys, wash dishes, greet diners, deliver meals and more, this event would not happen. Thank you to everyone involved for giving to others on Thanksgiving.

Keith, a friend whom I’ve known since childhood but haven’t seen in years. An email Keith sent today reminds me why he’s such a wonderful person. Keith shared that he is quite busy caring for his 88-year-old mom, Leona. He writes: “Mom is a GREAT old gal…I am committed to helping her live out her days the very best that she can.” What more could a mother ask for in a son?

The readers of Minnesota Prairie Roots. Thanks for reading my posts and viewing the photos I publish on this blog. I am truly humbled and honored that so many of you have embraced my writing, my passion. My readership continues to steadily grow, and for that I am grateful.

© Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


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