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“Dust Bowl” conditions equal an unhappy taxpayer August 27, 2010

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What are you doing today?

If you’re not busy sweeping dirt off the street and into houses, then I would like you to sweep the dirt out of my house and back onto the street.

You see, yesterday you drove by my home several times, stirring up clouds of dust so choking thick that I expected to see tumbleweeds following in your path.

Typically I would not complain. I’m happy to see dirt removed from the street.

But this time you crept past my house with complete disregard for the dirt carried on the wind directly into my open windows. Even though I raced to slam the windows shut, I was not quick enough. Every surface in my house is covered with a fine layer of grit.

Unkind words surface when I consider all of the cleaning that lies ahead of me.

What were you thinking when you failed to use water while sweeping the street? Is this an attempt to save money, trim the budget, cut costs?

I am no rocket scientist, but it seems to me that the simple act of spraying water onto the road surface would have prevented Dust Bowl-like conditions.

You are fortunate in one regard. I did not have freshly-laundered sheets on the clothesline. Had that been the case, you would find yourself not only sweeping and vacuuming my floors, washing my counters and dusting my furniture, but also doing my laundry.


An Unhappy (cough, cough) Taxpayer

© Copyright 2010 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


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