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Snow for Amy in Kansas December 4, 2010

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The snowy scene by my house this morning after an eight-inch snowfall.

Dear Amy,

You aren’t in Minnesota any more. As you’re well aware, you are in Kansas.

I’m sorry to hear that you are unhappy about the lack of snow there. I wish I could lead you down the yellow brick road to snowy Minnesota, where Christmas music sounds much more holiday-ish than in barren Kansas.

But I possess no special powers to transport you here.

So I will bring the snow to you via the magic of the internet.

Imagine the 25-degree temp, which will dip lower tonight. Imagine snow piles and icy sidewalks and sloppy, slippery roadways.

Now, are you still feeling so melancholy about the 50-degree temperatures and the lack of snow in Kansas?

Happy December, dear Amy, from southern Minnesota!


Your Other Mom


Faribault police on patrol Saturday morning along my street.

A neighbor down the street opens his driveway after the snowstorm.

Plow trucks were out and about and busy Saturday morning.

My husband sheered a bolt off in the snowblower just as he finished clearing the sidewalk Saturday morning.

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