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I need my writing fix February 6, 2012

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ONE, TWO, THREE. Three days without a computer threw me into a state of angst. Ask my family how agitated I’d become by Sunday morning. I was not a pleasant person. I wanted to write. I cannot go three days without writing unless I am out of town and then I get my creative fix via photography.

What led to this downward spiral? Computer monitor failure.

Friday morning, after I published my daily post and logged onto my e-mail, my monitor failed. I should have taken seriously the flickering screen issues which first popped up a week earlier. But, in denial, I believed the problems would vanish without intervention. Foolish me.

Even more foolish was my belief that I could simply purchase a new monitor. Dear readers, it is not as easy as asking the guy in the electronics department if a $99 screen will work with an old computer. He will assure you that it will. And he would be wrong.

My in-house techie teen informed me that the graphics card in my 2004 computer would not support the monitor I’d just purchased.

So what then? I had to find a monitor. Without a screen, I can’t write. I can’t work.

My son has a laptop. But my files are not on his computer, nor do I know how to use his laptop. Yes, I could learn. But he needs his computer for school and I don’t want to fight vie with him for daily computer access.

I was desperate, trying to think of anyone or any business that might have a monitor compatible with my ancient computer.

My friends Tom and Deb came to the rescue, lending me a monitor until I figure out how to permanently resolve this situation. I know these older flat screen monitors are out there, sitting in spare bedrooms and closets, offices and basements. The hunt is on to find one. So…if you have an extra flat screen monitor compatible with my aging computer, this writer needs one. (And, yes, I have the specs.)

For now I’m OK. The anxiety is gone. I can write. I can work. I can input photos into my computer. All is good.

But I still need to make a decision. Should I upgrade now to a new computer while my son is still home to help me purchase, set-up and teach me how to use it? (Did I mention that I am not tech-savvy, or have you already figured that out?) He tells me I’m putting off the inevitable, that in two years or so I’ll be forced to update when Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.

Or should my 17-year-old, who will start college next year to study computer engineering, get a new laptop and give his old one to me?

Decisions, decisions.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? If I buy a new computer for myself, should I purchase a desktop or a laptop?

Have you had to handle time without a computer? If so, how did it affect you?

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