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Oh, baby, are these people really my relatives? July 8, 2012

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Sweet baby Hank, 11 days old.

HANK MET THE RELATIVES recently. And even though he was only 11 days old then, he definitely had an opinion.

“You’re all looking at my t-shirt, but can’t you see my left foot is stuck? Dad?”

Or perhaps it was the opinion of a certain aunt, who shall remain nameless.

For the most part, though, my great nephew kicked back and took everything in stride—

Just a sampling of the family members who welcomed Hank, including his great grandma, my mom.

…all the cooing, the attention, the shuffling from one relative to the next…

These boots, a gift from a great aunt and uncle and cousins, upped the cuteness level.

…even the modeling of adorable patriotic boots.

Not quite a fist.

Hank kept his long fingers curled…

This was the most endearing thing to watch, little Hank tipping his head toward his mother when she spoke.

and a watchful eye on his mother, just in case.

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