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Zip code 56034 January 9, 2014

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YESTERDAY I SHOWED YOU the quaint 154-year-old Blue Earth County Fairgrounds in Garden City, the fate of which will be decided this evening at a special shareholders meeting of the Blue Earth County Fair Association.

The Garden City, Minnesota, Post Office, housed in a former bank building.

The Garden City, Minnesota, Post Office, housed in a former bank building.

Today, I reveal another gem in this unincorporated village along U.S. Highway 169 south of Mankato. That would be the post office.

Garden City post office, window and boxes

I took my camera inside the post office on a July morning because, well, you just don’t see all that many post offices like the one in Garden City.

Garden City post office, front close-up

According to the postmistress, the post office has been housed in this former bank building since the 1960s.

Garden City post office, door and steps

Garden City post office, boxes

Garden City post office, boxes up close

Garden City post office, inside window

It’s a glorious place from the old-fashioned front screen door to the tile floor to the woodwork, glazed windows and rows of vintage post office boxes.

Garden City post office, sign on door

Garden City post office, arch above door

Garden City post office, flowers by

THERE’S ONE MORE THING you should know about Garden City. Ten men, who “went on to be significant contributors to modern day industry giants like Piper, Jaffray, Archer Daniels Midland and GlaxoSmithKline,” once called Garden City home, according to promotional info for the book, The Remarkable Men of Garden City by E. Winston Grundmeier.

How’s that for small-town success?

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23 Responses to “Zip code 56034”

  1. Another testament to small town awesomeness. As the saying goes, “From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things.”

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    I LOVE old banks (and pharmacies) with the original interiors intact!!!! The stories just screem out at you!!!!! Hugs……

  3. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Beautiful old buildings. Love your blog.

  4. If only that building could talk and tell stories – BEAUTIFUL:) Love the signs too – give it a good push – ha! Happy Thursday:)

  5. DeLores Johnson Says:

    What a beautiful building. I am a lover of older buildings & it has always been
    a dream of mine to buy a nice, old building and make it into our home. They have character & are so unique. I don’t suppose we will ever buy an old building but I can dream, can’t I?

    Have a good day Audrey. I would love to go “snooping” with you sometime. You
    always find such good places to check out!


  6. Jackie Says:

    I love that little bank, turned post office. I would go in there just to buy a stamp 🙂

  7. Wonderful post as usual!
    I just love those old buildings,oh what stories they could tell,they hold so many memories!
    Thank you for Shareing your posts!

  8. I love those old post boxes. I once had the chance to buy an old library card catalog wooded box – you know, with the little drawers. I still wish I’d done it.

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