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Really, deep-fried what? May 21, 2014

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The Rice County Fair, Faribault, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009.

The midway area of the Rice County Fair, Faribault, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009.

I’M NOT MUCH OF A FAIR-GOER. I trace that back to too many years chasing down 4-Hers for photos with their uncooperative animals. A fair doesn’t hold the same appeal once you’ve covered the annual event for a newspaper more than a few times.

This was decades ago. Things change. I’m no longer a newspaper reporter and photographer assigned county fair barn duty.

So today I could meander as I please through the fairgrounds.

Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009 from the Rice County Fair, Faribault, Minnesota.

Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009 from the Rice County Fair.

For many of you, a fair is all about the food, right? Deep-fried anything, often served on a stick.

A vendor at the Rice County Fair. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009.

A vendor at the Rice County Fair. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009.

For example, at last year’s Minnesota State Fair, you could find these new deep-fried food offerings, among others: deep-fried olives, fried pickles ‘n’ chocolate, wine glazed deep-fried meatloaf, an assortment of deep-fried sandwiches and deep-fried bread pudding.

How they deep fry some of these foods, like bread pudding, I have not a clue. But I suppose where there’s a chef, there’s a way.

The brat barn, not to be confused with a dairy or pig barn. You can purchase StoneRidge meats here.

Minnesota Prairie Roots 2011 photo of Uncle Butch’s Brat Barn in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

All of this deep-fried food talk leads across the border into Wisconsin, known for its beer, brats and cheese. Brat fries are already popping up here at places like Uncle Butch’s Brat Barn outside StoneRidge Meat & Country Market, Inc. ( Piggly Wiggly) in Wautoma. Wisconsinites love their brats. Me? Not so much.

A quick roadside snapshot of the deep fried pizza sign along Wisconsin State Highway 21 in Wautoma.

A quick drive-by snapshot of the deep-fried pizza sign spotted this past weekend along Wisconsin State Highway 21 in Wautoma.

But it wasn’t the warm weather brat fries that drew my attention on a trip to eastern Wisconsin this past weekend. It was the sandwich chalkboard sign I spotted along Wisconsin State Highway 21 in Coloma advertising deep fried pizza.

Deep-fried pizza? Now how does one deep fry pizza and why would you?

Although tasty, Flamin' Bleu was not quite what Randy expected. He expected chunks of bleu cheese topping the pizza. But then we are bleu cheese fanatics with award-winning bleu cheeses produced in our home community of Faribault.

Flamin’ Bleu pizza at Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo used for illustration purposes only.

I love pizza, I really do. I make homemade pizza every Friday evening. And while in Wisconsin, my husband, second daughter and I dined on our favorite pizza, the New Orleans style topped with Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, red onions, red peppers and Cajun spices, at the Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton. It certainly was not deep fried.

Tell me, have you ever heard of or eaten deep-fried pizza?

My initial reaction was this: Well that can’t be too healthy.

But then again, nothing deep-fried really would be, would it?

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22 Responses to “Really, deep-fried what?”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    I might be able to try one slice but a whole pizza might be a bit much, don’t you think??? Yikes. The calories. I do love seeing what they come up with at fairs for food offerings, though. Fun and innovative in not healthy.

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    I’ve never eaten deep-fried pizza. I can’t even image how much oil would be soaked into the crust; let’s hope it isn’t deep dish. I am not sure you are allowed to use “deep-fried” and “healthy” in the same sentence. I have issues with heavy batter soaked in oil – ish! I don’t mind lightly-battered things – fish and pickles are about the only thing I’ll go for deep-fried. Oh…forgot about french fries. Moderation is key here.

  3. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Wow, and I thought grilled pizza was strange. Funny we have a homemade pizza Friday tradition as well. It’s easier to make sections of it to my kids liking. (Or you could say that I’m catering to Little Miss I don’t like cheese.)

  4. I have never heard of half those deep fried variations of regular food, except deep fried pickles which I tried at Buffalo Wild Wings once. I didn’t really like them, but they were interesting to try. I don’t think I’d ever try deep fried pizza either – why mess with something that’s already great?

  5. Deep Fried Pizza ?!? – I have never tried it – interesting! Now I am craving fries. Happy Hump Day šŸ™‚

  6. Jackie Says:

    I love Pizza, but Deep fried???? Not sure I would even want to try that, sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen šŸ™‚ Audrey what is your favorite home-made pizza that you do on Fridays?

    • I make a homemade crust and sauce. Topping is spicy Italian sausage with a tomato-based sauce. I toss mushrooms and spinach onto my portion. Another pizza I make is chicken buffalo (with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing). Again, I’ll add mushrooms and spinach to my share. The other pizza I prepare is a chicken ranch using ranch dressing. Veggies added again if I have them in the fridge. And, of course, all pizza is consumed with beer (usually a craft beer like Brau Brothers or Schells) or hard cider.

  7. Thread crazy Says:

    I cannot even imagine what deep-fried pizza might taste like…either way it leaves me out as I just can’t tolerate deep-fried items. I like your pizzas Audrey; yummy…

  8. Lisa C. Says:

    I’m so curious about deep fried pizza now. I wonder what it is like? I wonder how they make it? Wouldn’t the toppings fall off when they put it in the deep fryer? I’d be game to try it though! Back home, I’d grill our pizza during the summer so as not to heat up the kitchen. Gas grill not coals. šŸ™‚ Your pizzas sound delish.

    • I have the exact same questions about deep-fried pizza.

      I’ve never tried grilling pizza. Or should I say my husband hasn’t as he’s the griller in the family. He uses a charcoal grill. Maybe we’ll try that this summer.

  9. hotlyspiced Says:

    I made twice-cooked chicken wings for dinner a few nights ago. They were salt and pepper wings and first you cook them in water with ginger and shallots and then when they’re cooked you allow them to cool then coat them in flour with salt, pepper and spices, then put them in hot oil. Now these can’t be too good for you either but they are delicious and it’s hard not to keep reaching out your hand for another and another but…as much as these are great fried, I don’t think I’d be up for fried pizza xx

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