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Oh, to be a kid at a wedding September 10, 2014

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KIDS ARE SO MUCH a part of my niece’s life that their participation in her September 6 wedding seemed natural and fitting. Carlyn works in her mom’s family daycare.

Darling flower girls, Ellen and Lainey, never made it to the front of the church to stand with the rest of the bridal party. One of the two burst into tears and then both wedged onto the laps of the bride’s parents, who cuddled these little girls for much of the service. That’s how much my eldest brother and his wife love these two.

The ring bearers, Hank and Connor, cute as cute can be in their black pants, white shirts and suspenders and dress shoes, managed to reach the front of the church. But then they roamed throughout the ceremony. Down the aisle and back up front. Then reverse.

No crying, though, after the initial flower girl’s outburst. So that was good. The cuteness factor just made you smile.

Two wedding guests and ringbearer Hank gathered on the church sidewalk next to the receiving line.

Two wedding guests and ring bearer, Hank, gathered on the church sidewalk next to the receiving line.

Afterward, during the hour-long congratulatory/receiving line process, kids played, wandered and ran outside the church. And when I spotted three of them, including my great nephew Hank, focused on something on the sidewalk, I honed in with my camera. They were oblivious to my presence.

Focused on...

Focused on…

What, I wondered, fascinated them?

Hank needed a drink from his sippie cup, which he toted around most of the afternoon.

Hank needed a drink from his sippie cup, which he toted around most of the afternoon.

Birdseed. Bagged birdseed to be opened and tossed at the bride and groom. It takes so little to entertain kids.

I wish many times now that life was as simple and uncomplicated as opening a bag of birdseed and spilling the contents onto a sidewalk.

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10 Responses to “Oh, to be a kid at a wedding”

  1. hotlyspiced Says:

    How lovely that children were included in the wedding. I’ve been to weddings where children were not invited and I don’t think that’s in the spirit of a family event. I’m so glad the birdseed kept them entertained! xx

    • Actually, my daughter and her husband did not invite any children to their wedding. It was partially a space issue, but also a personal decision. Every couple is different and I think guests need to respect that children will not always be invited.

  2. Rena Says:

    That’s what we all must do – get back in touch with our inner child… Didn’t Christ say one must have faith like a child? Not only faith, but an ability to forget self and be drawn in to the simple beauty of a moment and cherish it for all it is worth. Thank you for capturing that moment on camera and sharing it with us, Audrey! We adults often need reminders to stay young at heart.

  3. Beth Ann Says:

    You captured the innocence so well with your camera. Yes–there are days we all long for the simple and uncomplicated life that these three appear to have but it eludes us now as adults most often. I guess you just have to revel in the innocence and preciousness of these photos and memories when “life” starts to drag you down, right?

  4. I love kids at weddings. They remind us that love is a basic thing to be shared by all of us.

    • I have mixed feelings about kids at weddings. It depends on what the bride and groom desire and the type of wedding and space issues. My daughter did not invite kids to her wedding a year ago for various reasons. And, actually, that was fine with me. Not with some guests, but, not their wedding or decision.

  5. Jackie Says:

    I love those little ones, so content to just push around bird seed, not a care in the world. Hank looks adorable, I know I tell you this often but he reminds me so much of Carson, I think mostly because they are the same age.I see Carson’s not the only one to have his sippy cup glued to his hand 🙂

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