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My son would probably rather be in Minnesota right now than Boston January 27, 2015

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Monday afternoon the temperature in my southeastern Minnesota backyard ranged in the mid to high 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Monday afternoon the temperature in my southeastern Minnesota backyard ranged in the mid to high 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


THE TEMPERATURE MONITOR atop the refrigerator reads 48 degrees outside. It’s likely off a few degrees. But still…


A view from and in my backyard.

A view from and in my backyard.


I swing the kitchen door open to sunshine squinting my eyes and flooding the backyard on a late January afternoon in Minnesota about as glorious as they come.


Fence shadows on the snow.

Fence shadows on the snow.


Bare-branched trees brace a blue sky. Birds chirp. Water clinks through the down spout in a gentle and methodical rhythm. The basket weave of the fence slants shadows across the melting snow.

I stand there, just stand there in my backyard, absorbing the warmth and sunshine my soul and body crave.

More than 1,000 miles away, my son is among Boston area residents enveloped in a major winter storm. Areas of the city are expected to get as much as 30 inches of snow accompanied by 50 mph winds. The Governor has declared a State of Emergency and issued a state-wide travel ban. Public transportation via the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority has been suspended for Tuesday. Same goes for Logan International Airport.

Tufts University, the college my son attends, is closed today. This mom, who understands winter from a howling wind raging snow across the Minnesota prairie perspective, is grateful.

I can only hope that today my 20-year-old sleeps in, stays put in his apartment, realizes the dangers of an historic storm like this, even within the confines of a big city.

Be safe, Boston.

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24 Responses to “My son would probably rather be in Minnesota right now than Boston”

  1. Almost Iowa Says:

    Wasn’t yesterday glorious? The sky more pale blue than dreary gray, dry gravel underfoot on the roads, grass on the south slopes thinking about green – what a gift!

    Our dog, Scooter, had the best day ever, the melting snow unveiled a wealth of odor. He spent much of the afternoon running around with his nose in the grass.

    I hope your son made the best of it. If you stay close and dress right, there is nothing so delightful as tramping through a blizzard.

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    I bet he would. I am anxiously awaiting to see photos of the storm.

  3. Beth Ann Says:

    I think Boston got hit harder than NYC. Micah said he had been to the grocery and gotten food since delivery options were all going to be unavailable. Poor baby. 🙂 He had classes already canceled for today early yesterday and he was just going to enjoy a snow day. Hopefully Caleb will enjoy some extra sleep time! We have nothing here in Mason which is kind of refreshing. I actually washed my car yesterday. 🙂

    • I thought of Micah yesterday, wondering how he would fare in NYC. Apparently the city did not get as much as expected. Have not heard a word from Caleb. But that’s no surprise. I will try to connect with him later today.

      Like you, I’m great with no more snow and warmer weather.

  4. Don Singsaas Says:

    I may be a bit strange but I have always enjoyed a blizzard. This of course is provided I was snug and warm in my house, there is no place I need to go, have plenty of food, some good books to read or a good movie on the TV oh and the electricity stays on. There is something surreal about a snow storm! It’s the day after and all the digging out that I do not enjoy. I feel for those folks out east that will be trying to get back to normal after the storm passes.

    • Yes, there’s something about a blizzard, when you’re all snugged indoors. It’s the clean-up and getting around that are no fun.

      I spoke w/ the son this afternoon. He walked home from Tufts last evening and walked back today, a 20-minute walk. He said he’s seen worse storms in Minnesota…but I don’t know about that. Twenty-plus inches of snow in one storm sounds like more than I can remember in southeastern or southwestern Minnesota.

  5. Don Singsaas Says:

    Ah but then there are the bragging rights, “Well I remember the blizzard of _______ back in my home state of Minnesota and this is__________”

    Fill in the blanks as appropriate!

  6. Aaron Says:

    I’d actually love to get snowed in like that, as long as I have some things to keep me busy. I just worry about the power lines, the heat going out, and pipes freezing, that kinda stuff. I hope everyone makes it through the storm!

  7. I hear they got a good walloping up there. It’s something when you can look to MInnesota as the place you’d rather be on a January day!

  8. hotlyspiced Says:

    We’ve heard how bad the snowfalls are in NY and Boston. A friend of mine who lives in NY has three kids home today for a snow day. As for us in Sydney, we’ve had torrential rain for three days now and it’s not due to stop any time soon. We’re practically drowning xx

  9. Jackie Says:

    Have you been able to connect with Caleb today, I hope he is safe and sound and delighting in extra time to study for classes 🙂 With that being said… I’m a bit jealous!

  10. Littlesundog Says:

    I thought of your son today as I was working in the woods. Our temperature here was 79°… unbelievable that he’s experiencing a historic blizzard! I hope they manage to keep power!

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