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Happy birthdays February 9, 2015

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Amber and Caleb.

Amber and Caleb. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo, July 2014.

BACK-TO-BACK BIRTHDAYS. Eldest and youngest with middle in between. What are the odds that two of my three children would be born one day after the other with eight years in between? I did have some choice in the son’s birth date as his was a scheduled C-section. Still…

Today my only son celebrates his birthday. In Medford, about five miles from Boston. He’s enjoying his fourth snow day (no classes again at Tufts University) in the past two weeks as Winter Storm Marcus drops a foot or more of snow. That’s on top of the 48.7 inches which fell in Boston in a recent 14-day stretch.

Tomorrow my eldest daughter celebrates her birthday. In Minnesota, where we don’t have nearly as much snow.

One thousand plus miles distant and an hour away. I won’t celebrate with either. I can’t recall the last time I was with any of my three on their birthdays. Cards have been mailed and phone calls will be made. Perhaps not answered, but attempted.

They’re grown. Gone. But always in my heart. Always.

To have a son or a daughter, or both as I do, is to love like I’ve never loved. Love deeper than the ocean, farther than the moon, wider than the distance that separates. Time and miles never diminish that love.

Sometimes I long for those days when the kids were still home, gathered around the dining room table, posing with cake (or dessert of choice), candles blazing, smiling for the camera. Gifts ripped open, often before cards. All of us settled after a rare meal out at the birthday celebrant’s restaurant of choice.

Those birthdays are memories away now. But love isn’t. It’s always there. In a thought. In a moment. In a photo. In a date.

February 9.

February 10.

Happy birthdays—to my beloved son, Caleb, and my precious daughter, Amber.

© Copyright 2015 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


28 Responses to “Happy birthdays”

  1. Almost Iowa Says:

    Moments after my daughter was born, the doctor handed her to me. She had her eyes open and in the soft light of the room, her pupils were fully dilated. We looked at each other and staring into the darkness of her eyes was like gazing into the eternity.

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    Happy Birthdays to your two lovelies! It is difficult to be away on special occasions but your love is always with them and they feel it across the miles without a doubt. And you have memories, Really great ones. Enjoy those!

  3. Deanna Says:

    Both you and your children are blessed, Audrey. Your children know that you are a caring and loving mom. They are making good lives for themselves and am sure they think a lot about you and their dad. I have two children, both born in January, about a week apart, and the oldest on the same day as my Grandfather’s birthday. Grandchildren are/will be another reciprocal blessing!

    • Thank you Deanna. I am blessed, so blessed by my children.

      I know from your comment today and in the past that you also are a caring person. Thus your children are equally as blessed.

      What a gift that your eldest was born on your grandpa’s birthday. That makes the day even more special.

  4. Jackie Says:

    Yep… you still wanna be there with them, making their cake and all that goes with it. It really is hard when things change, but like you say the Love is always there, never-changing. Happy Birthday to your sweet kiddo’s!

  5. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Happy Birthdays!!!!

  6. Beautiful children, Audrey. Cling to these happy moments. They are treasures.

  7. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    Those are beautiful kids! Happy birthday to them both!

  8. Don Singsaas Says:

    Great post Audrey and a Happy Birthday to the kids. Obviously February is an exciting month in your family! I think we both need a DeLorean and then we could go back in time. In lieu of a DeLorean I am fortunate in that my wife was very smart from the beginning of our family and she took video of the kids about every 2 weeks from newborn to past high school. It is fun to look at all the changes they went through and is a way to turn back the clock and enjoy those past birthdays again.

  9. Amber Schmidt Says:

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  10. Dorothy Bowman Says:

    Birthdays of our children is always great. I still mark my calendar on the birthdays of each of my nieces and nephews. Of course some of my “great nieces and nephews” are also on my calendar. Family is very important and much loved. Love to all of you, Uncle Robin also says Hi!

  11. Sue Ready Says:

    Audrey, you have written a wonderful mother’s tribute to her children. Hope both got to see your posts. It is hard when they grow up, spread their wings and land far away from home. But as a parent you hope they take with them all the wonderful things they learned growing up,become independent and learn to make wise mature choices along the way.

  12. Sue Ready Says:

    Yes 🙂 that can be a problem. Guess you should text to get his attention!

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