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The I-35 photographer May 18, 2015

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TRAVELING AROUND DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS recently, I spotted this photographer atop a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 35. What, I wondered, was he photographing?


Photographing from a pedestrian overpass in Minneapolis


I was too focused on photographing the photographer to notice what he may have been shooting. I simply found it an unusual spot for someone to set up a tripod and now I’m wishing I had looked where his camera was aiming. Who is he? Why is he shooting here? And what?


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12 Responses to “The I-35 photographer”

  1. Dan Traun Says:

    One possibility is that he is shooting the lines and perspective that the chain-link cage create on the pedestrian overpass. He may have also been shooting a portrait of someone too.

  2. 01rena Says:

    Perhaps in the midst of the urban busyness and brawl, he spied a mother bird at nest, fighting the elements and daring to survive… There among the concrete and wire, the din of cars rushing past, he caught the simple and timeless beauty of nature. Perhaps he too, is like our MN Prairie Roots author, who notices the easily over-looked things; a collector of moments, who cherishes the small wonders in life.

  3. Jackie Says:

    Would he really be taking photo’s through the chain-linked fence, or is his angle going down toward the overpass walk way? maybe he’s taking photos for a “walk” fun raiser 🙂

  4. hotlyspiced Says:

    With that pack on his back he could be a tourist. Or a very good photographer with a lot of equipment on his back xx

  5. ryanware Says:

    He may have been doing long exposures to either create streaks from tail lights, but it looks a bit too light for that, or long exposures to make the cars disappear. http://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/34533/how-do-moving-objects-disappear-when-exposed-for-longer-duration

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