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Faribault’s all-American snowman January 26, 2016

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Divison Street snowman, 14 with house


IN THE YARD OF A CUTE craftsman style house at a busy intersection in Faribault, a patriotic snowman greets passersby. I pass by this sunny yellow home often. On my way to and from church. On my way to and from Minnesota State Highway 60.


Division Street snowman, 17 semi close


I don’t know who lives at 402 Division Street. But I appreciate the creativity of this snowman. Red and blue votive candles for buttons. American flags for arms. An American flag banner cinched around the snowman’s waist.


Division Street snowman, 19, close-up two


Even red and blue dye for lips.

This isn’t your average snowman or snowwoman, whichever it may be.


Tell me about any creative snow people you’ve seen, even built.

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20 Responses to “Faribault’s all-American snowman”

  1. Dan Traun Says:

    When I was in 1st grade we made snow sculptures. We constructed a fine apple – in honor of Apple computers – which we were recently introduced to. Oregon Trail was amazing back then.

    • That’s a great story, Dan. My kids liked Oregon Trail also.

      I wasn’t introduced to computers until my third newspaper job, with the Mankato Free Press. Prior to that, I typed all of my stories on a manual typewriter. I would never want to return to those days of writing on a typewriter.

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    I love the votive idea for buttons. Cute, cute, cute. It would make me smile every time I passed it as well. I did not make a snow man. i thought about making a teapot but ran out of steam when I was shoveling the snow off the back deck. Still tons left but we did get a path cleared in our driveway thanks to Isaac and his friend Chino. For a price, of course. And I gave them dinner to go. 🙂 Because it had been a long day for them.

  3. Audrey, you were a half block from my house. Next time you should stop in. I drive by this snowman or snowwomen everyday, several times a day, going to and from my house.

  4. Love that idea. My Step Dad built us an igloo once. It was great fun.

  5. That’s adorable. Gotta wonder if the people who made it are veterans, perhaps. The most unique snowman I’ve ever made was actually a snowwoman; one year, my friend Lori and I made a pretty voluptuous snowwoman behind our house and my mom was a little surprised that we even gave her nipples. It was cold out!

  6. Don Says:

    Snow men/women can be fun but as a kid I remember when the entire neighborhood, adults, teenagers and young kids (which I was at that time) got together and built a horse corral full of snow horses. The adults made very realistic horses and the realistic look went down as the age of the builders went down but all and all when finished we had a wonderful corral of 7 horses in all shapes and sizes. Took an entire afternoon to build but they remained there for weeks. We built them at a house along HWY 60 so that drivers could enjoy them and many people stopped to get a look and/or picture. Remember Kodak instamatics?

  7. Don Says:

    wish I had some pictures too, but I unfortunately have none…………………

  8. Don Says:

    You are probably right, hummm I wonder if the local paper has one in their archives, or some of the other participants in this endeavor do. I would love to have one too so I will go on a hunt for one! If I am successful I will certainly get one to you.

    • This seems like something the paper may have published. Yes, if you find one, I’d love to publish it here as long as we have permission and proper sources are credited. Keep me posted. You still have my email, right?

  9. Jackie Says:

    He is a fine snowman, I love the close up photo you got of his face.

  10. Don Says:

    Yes on email. I will begin looking today. Now my curiosity has me hooked!

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