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Birthday thoughts as a mom & grandma February 9, 2016

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My oldest daughter and my son, celebrating our family Christmas on New Year's weekend. The elephant toy is for the new baby

The most recent photo of my oldest daughter and my son, celebrating our family Christmas on New Year’s weekend. The elephant toy is for the unborn baby, from her uncle. An elephant is the mascot of Tufts University, which he attends.

WHY DO MY ADULT CHILDREN’S (that always seems such an oxymoron) birthdays oftentimes leave me feeling a bit melancholy?

Today my youngest, my son, celebrates his birthday. Tomorrow his oldest sister, eight years his senior, celebrates hers.

I long for the birthdays when I baked them a treat—quite often not a cake—and we dined out together as a family. Together is the key word here. I miss the togetherness. Today I’ll call my son, a college student near Boston. And I’ll feel a tinge of sadness knowing no one is likely making him a birthday treat. Yes, I could order a cake for him from Tufts University. For $35. That’s more than I want to spend on a cake for a young man who isn’t particularly fond of sweets anyway.

I’ll miss, too, giving him a birthday hug.

My husband and son-in-law assemble Baby Girl's crib.

My husband and son-in-law assemble Baby Girl’s crib.

My eldest, though, lives near enough for hugs and an in-person birthday celebration. On Saturday my husband and I drove to the north metro to celebrate our daughter’s milestone birthday with lunch out. Later we enjoyed a homemade chocolate chip cheesecake I baked for her. In between, my husband and son-in-law assembled a crib for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter.

It was a wonderful day, especially when I felt Baby Girl move across my daughter’s abdomen. Giddy describes my level of happiness in that moment.

These are the moments I must embrace and hold tight. New memories. New life. New joys.

Soon another birthday to celebrate. This time in the role of grandma.

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33 Responses to “Birthday thoughts as a mom & grandma”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    So doggone exciting to be a grandma! I can just imagine how wonderful it was to feel that baby girl moving as well. There is not much else that makes me smile quite the way as a new baby. There is a miracle in every movement. Happy birthday to your sweet kids!

  2. Littlesundog Says:

    I envy you being a mother… and soon, a grandmother. The closest I have come is with Daisy deer, and I admit, feeling little legs and hooves move across her belly is a joy beyond description. Birthdays are a grand event no matter whose they are. Keep on spoiling those kids… and soon-to-be grandkids!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Oh Audrey…so happy for you becoming a grandmother. It is such a sweet role!

  4. As the circle of life goes round and round
    and the years seem swiftly to pass
    still the sharing’s of love and life abound
    and great joys we still amass.

    ~Jack Downing~

    Celebrate each day as a gift from Him
    and regret not a single one.
    For there’ll be not time to wonder why
    when all those gifts are done.

    ~Jack Downing~

    Wow Audrey you provide me with such inspiration, you could be my muse. lol

  5. Sharon R Says:

    Oh, Audrey, by becoming a grandma you are about to enter a phase in your life that is like no other. It is difficult to describe but I’m sure with your talent with words you will be able to express what is felt within.

  6. Gunny Says:

    Congratulations Audrey!

  7. Don Says:

    Kids and grandkids are one of life’s great pleasure (well most of the time but kids do have their moments) enjoy them to the max! Ya know that picking out gifts for birthdays, Christmas etc. is sure a lot easier when they are young and gets progressively harder and more expensive the older they get. The picture of assembling the crib brought back wonderful memories for me, thanks!

  8. Norma Says:

    Audrey, I know how you feel. Not only have I felt the little ones in my daughters, I was privileged to witness the births of my two youngest grand children. Both are 19, and 3 months apart in age. Extremely exciting times for me.

  9. Jackie Says:

    I find myself feeling those feelings as well at times, longing for the days of togetherness and celebrating birthdays together. It hit me the hardest when Brice got married, we have not celebrated with him (on his birthday) since he got married. We still have Gavin and Brianna in town so that helps… I’m grateful for that. My son-in-law is always happy for me to make my daughters cake, I always have the grands here to help. It makes them feel proud to make a cake for mamma. Audrey I can not wait for you to have that grand baby in your arms.. there is no other feeling quite like it!!! Glad you got to spend some time with Amber, and Happy Birthday to your Caleb.

  10. ***New memories. New life. New joys.***

    Congratulations, dear.

    Hold on….


  11. Deb Says:

    Just when you think that there is no greater love than you have for your children, along comes a grandchild. Your heart bursts! Congrats and looking forward to you sharing the joy.

  12. You said it TOGETHERNESS 🙂

  13. Norma Says:

    Thank you for the nice word about Marc. He’s a good man, and I’m sure he will be a great daddy for a sweet little girl.

  14. Happy Birthday(s) and congratulations

  15. Sue Ready Says:

    Lucky you to be a grandma and be in same state for all the new celebrations to come.

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