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Part VI from Wanamingo: A symphony at Shingle Creek March 29, 2016

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Going fishing in the North Fork of the Zumbro River, Wanamingo.

This mom tipped us off to Shingle Creek. She and her son are heading to the river to fish.

IF NOT FOR THE LOCAL MOM we met at Riverside Park in Wanamingo, my husband and I would have missed out on exploring Shingle Creek. We would have driven right over the bridge spanning the creek along Goodhue County Road 30.

On the south side of this road, we followed a path along Shingle Creek.

On the south side of this road, we followed a path along Shingle Creek.

But the mom, who was fishing with her son in the North Fork of the Zumbro River into which the creek feeds, told us about the loveliness of the waterway. She even offered to walk us there. But we declined and listened to her directions—cross the road, climb over the railing and follow the trail.

Lovely Shingle Creek.

Lovely Shingle Creek.

The short route was not limestone covered as she described, but simply a trampled, uneven path through the woods. Decaying leaves, dead limbs sprouting mushrooms, hard earth beneath winter feet aching for this spring-like day in March.

Water rushes over limestone ledges.

Water rushes over limestone ledges.

Only a short distance from the paved county road, we stood on the bank of the creek and watched water spill over limestone shelves, rush along the creekbed, and then tumble and foam over rocks.

Further down, water churn below rocks.

Further down, water churns below rocks.

Churning water mesmerizes me. It is poetry and song and art, a symphony of sights and sounds that carries me away from everyday life to a place of peace. I feel the same watching campfire flames dance in flickers of orange and yellow.

Fire and water. Water and fire.

On this Saturday afternoon in Wanamingo, I experienced the serenity of Shingle Creek. All because a local mom shared this community’s natural beauty with us, just a couple on a day trip 25 miles from home.

FYI: This concludes my six-part series of “from Wanamingo” posts. Thank you for joining me on this tour.

© Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


16 Responses to “Part VI from Wanamingo: A symphony at Shingle Creek”

  1. How nice that the woman tipped you off to a site you wouldn’t have found. Wouldn’t you love to have a creek like that of your own? We used to play around the creek at my grandparents’ as young children and later in our own woods as teenagers. Our woodsy creek was tiny though, more of a trickle. When I’m in a park, I can rarely walk over a bridge without stopping for at least a minute or two to look down at the water.

  2. Jackie Says:

    What a lovely little find, don’t you love being in the “Right place at the Right time” Now if you only had a couple of chairs……

  3. Don Says:

    Local knowledge, just can’t beat it! Did they say what kind of fish they were fishing for?

  4. Don Says:

    Secret fishing hole eh…………………………..

  5. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon

  6. edierks Says:

    Thanks again, for exploring our special little town. Wish I could have met up with you to show you more. The Riverside Park is getting an overhaul in the next two years via LCCMR Watershed Project monies. Best regards, Eric Dierks and family

  7. Sue Ready Says:

    Thanks for sharing your Saturday journey to an unknown destination for many readers. A glimpse into rural America as you and Randy unearth unexpected treasures and discoveries is just a revelation. Your photos are awesome.

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