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The power of a boy & his Mercedes July 20, 2016

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Boy in his Mercedes, 70 close-up


HEADS SWIVELED AS THE FIRE engine red Mercedes turned onto Central Avenue.


Car Cruise Night, 71 boy in Mercedes


Behind the wheel, the young driver steered his luxury car around cones and navigated past rows of parked vehicles to the delight of an appreciative audience.


Boy in his Mercedes, 72 family following car


It was a sweet moment when the preschooler arrived at the July 15 Faribault Downtown Car Cruise Night.


Boy in his Mercedes, 74 next to other cars


I was delighted to catch his arrival with my camera, to document this scene of cuteness, of family togetherness.


Boy in his Mercedes, 76 driving away


At a time when the world seems all too chaotic and violent, I found this scene reassuring.


Boy in his Mercedes, 78 father trailing car


On this Friday evening in Greater Minnesota, this little boy reminded me of the joys and goodness in everyday life. These are the moments I need to remember.

FYI: Check back tomorrow as I bring you one final post from the July 15 Car Cruise Night. Click here to read my first post in this three-part series.

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16 Responses to “The power of a boy & his Mercedes”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Cuteness overload.

  2. OooooMGosh,
    what a doll face.
    I wonder if he’d give me a ride in his little red corvette, oh, I mean Mercedes! xxxx

  3. Oh So Cute and So Much FUN too 🙂 I love that commercial where the Dad asks his son if he is ready to drive and the son picutres in his head what it would be like and he says no and continues to drive his toy car – ha! In growing up around and on farms I have been driving since I was 11 and had my snowmobile permit by 13 and farm permit by 15. I am going to hire a chauffer in my later years to drive me around – hehe 🙂 Nothing better than riding in style! Happy Day – Enjoy

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    YES!!!! I think we all are threatened with “input overload” that overshadows, and unbalances, our reality perception. Having a “horizontal focus” does have a darkening/dooms-day effect on one’s outlook!

  5. Wow, that’s not your typical, run of the mill, vintage, toy automobile, that’s a fully; “tricked-out”, “chick magnetic”, “dual exhausting” “power-statement”.. And that young “dude” fits the ride!! Awesome pics and subject Audrey.

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    That little guy is too cute

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