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Lots happening in Faribault (and next-door Northfield) this weekend September 9, 2016

WHETHER YOU’RE SHOPPING for fresh food or antiques or looking for some free family fun this weekend, you’ll find them all in Faribault.

A Minnesota souvenir.

Flea markets yield all types of finds, including commemorative plates like this one from an area flea market. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday and continuing until 2 p.m., vendors will offer antiques, collectibles, crafts, art and more on the Rice County Historical Society grounds, 1814 N.W. Second Avenue, during the RCHS Fall Flea Market. I’ve attended the event several times and enjoy not only the treasure sleuthing but also visiting with friends. If you want to learn about local history, the RCHS Museum of History will be open, too, with free admission during the market.

All ages flocked to the market for Family Day.

Family Day at the Faribault Farmer’s Market in September 2015. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Also along Second Avenue, but blocks away in Central Park near Faribault’s downtown, two more events are slated for Saturday. The Faribault Farmer’s Market celebrates Family Day with games, freebies, a scavenger hunt and more from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. The market itself runs from 7 a.m. – noon. I attended Family Day last year and was pleased with this family-focused addition to the market. It adds an extra element of fun and education and attracts younger people.



When the farmer’s market closes, more fun begins in Central Park with RecoveryFest, an event โ€œto celebrate the positive impact of recovery from chemical dependency.โ€ Music, kids’ activities, art, speakers, a bean bay tourney, food and more are part of the celebration that ends at 9 p.m.

The James-Younger Gang shooting it out during The Defeat of Jesse James parade perhaps five years ago.

The James-Younger Gang shooting it out during The Defeat of Jesse James parade. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2009.

Through-out the weekend, our neighbors to the north in Northfield continue to celebrate The Defeat of Jesse James Days. From bank raid re-enactments to a rodeo to a carnival to the grand finale parade (at 2 p.m. Sunday) and way more, the DJJD is jam-packed with activities commemorating the defeat of the notorious outlaw and his gang in this southeastern Minnesota community in 1876.

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, enjoy. In a week that’s been especially difficult here in Minnesota, we need to find joy in time with family, with friends, and with others in our community. We need to appreciate one another. And life.

TELL ME: What are your plans for the weekend?

ยฉ Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


12 Responses to “Lots happening in Faribault (and next-door Northfield) this weekend”

  1. Hopefully we will be painting the new trim for the house this weekend – waiting for the trim and sprayer to be delivered. I feel like the Holidays and the guests will be showing up before we have the house done. Otherwise we have 3 other rooms to paint inside the house still to do. This has been more of a fixer upper than we thought, however; we are slowly making it our home.

    I would like to get out for a bike ride to take a break from the house work too.Tonight is date night and looking forward to that after a short, but long week.

    Sounds like you have plenty to do and see this weekend – Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Weekend!

    • Settling into a new home does involve a lot of work. I’m glad, though, that you realize the need to break from that and simply enjoy life. If I had a re-do, I would not have focused so much on house projects while the kids were growing up but rather on the fun stuff.

      I’m uncertain how many of these events I will be able to attend. I’m taking care of my 5-month-old granddaughter. If the mosquitoes aren’t horrible and she isn’t napping, I may be able to squeeze in some of these activities, probably minus my camera, though.

    • Just enjoy your time with Izzy and she will let you know what the two of you will be up to ๐Ÿ™‚

      I did not think we would take on another fixer upper – this one has been fairly easy, but a little time consuming due to the size of it (biggest house I have had). I thought we would be downsizing – ha! – maintenance free – double ha! – that being said we are loving our new space. This will be our 1st Florida Holidays with family and friends too.

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    The flee market looks like a lot of fun to attend and Jesse James anything sounds like fun.

  3. Valerie Says:

    We went downtown Northfield on Thursday night “Townie Night” to eat some good fair food and then we stay away from the downtown area the rest of the weekend! We have gone to the rodeo and it is good. Someday I will want to do that again!

  4. Gunny Says:

    Well, I recon I may just have to jump in my truck and head up that way around September. Still too hot down here in Texas only now just cooling off. Been on two road trips up to the east side of Missouri and one down to Galveston. I sometimes dress like them cowboys. I make scare off some of my distant relations such as the Hoynes of Albert Lea, McIntosh, Fridley and Minneapolis or the Husbyns of Cannon Falls, Northfield or the Hukees of Albert Lea. not to mention some Iversons in Richfield, Jacobsons in Faribault and Dennison – maybe even in Kenyon. After that, I’ll have to go over to Moorhead, then Fargo and down through South Dakota. Sorry I won’t be able to go over to Pax River or Florida, San Francisco, CA but maybe next trip over to San Diego, up to Irvine and points North. This family of mine is scattered all over the map.

    • I would say…your family sure liked to roam. Sounds like you could spend considerable time in Minnesota. September would be a great month to head up here, after the heat and humidity of summer and before the snowfall. It’s one of my favorite months.

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