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About that McDonald’s muskie billboard… September 16, 2016

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McDonald's muskie billboard in Minnesota


WHEN I SPOTTED this billboard about six weeks ago in the north metro, I wondered about the muskie part of the message. I still do. Other than catching muskie in the summer and preferring a smoothie in the heat of summer, I don’t see much connection between the two in this McDonald’s ad.

I wondered if I was missing something. So I googled the topic to find a column by Pioneer Press Outdoors Editor Dave Orrick titled “Some people really do hate muskies. There, I said it.” He then laid out the polarizing story of muskie stocking in some Minnesota lakes. It should be noted that his opinion piece is not tied to the McDonald’s ad. It just happened to rank third in my Google search.

After reading Orrick’s column, I offer two suggestions to McDonald’s: Don’t erect an identical billboard in Cass or Crow Wing counties. Or choose a different, less controversial, fish.

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7 Responses to “About that McDonald’s muskie billboard…”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Little known fact—the high school I graduated from (John Glenn High School) had the muskie as its mascot. Go Muskies!

  2. Sue Ready Says:

    Since I live on a lake renowned for Muskie fishing I can tell you that catch and release program is strongly encouraged and is quite the norm but many fisherman seem to uphold bragging rights just how big their muskie fish is or was, I think they are just plain UGLY and nothing to brag about.
    FYI I must have missed seeing this sign

  3. Dan Traun Says:

    The ad appears to suggest lying albeit a fish story, but still.

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